Supernatural-Welcome to the Jungle,Babe

My first Supernatural story!!!

Chapter 3

Chapter Three

"High school,that's where she's from."Sam answered.Dean shook his head,but then glanced as the girls again."Which one?"

Sam shook his head,"I don't remember,I was in the ninth grade."Dean nodded,and then looked as if he was going into his own thoughts."Lincoln High,the one in Flordia?"Sam nodded."Then what is she doing all the way up in South Dakota?"Sam shrugged his shoulders."We both moved on the same day,we only went back to say goodbye."

"Aw,Sammy had a crush on whatsherface."

"I recall her name being Catherine."Dean smirked."That's an old name..I knew a word,gymnast."Sam shook his head and started to eat his salad.

Then they both glanced over when the waitress from earlier brought the girls their food.The blond got a chicken sandwich,and the brown headed"Catherine"got what Dean had.

"Damnn,that girl has a stomach."Dean commented with a smirk on his face.
Sam only nodded,then looked back down at his salad.

Sam took a small glance at "Catherine" again. She was smiling,shoving some pie into her mouth."She sure as heck eats like you."Sam muttered.Dean turned around to face Sam."I think I have a chance with the mystery girl?"


"Why not?"Dean leaned back in his chair.


"I'm serious,I think they're talking about you."Alyssa said,putting a fry from Catherine's plate into her mouth.Catherine shook her head,then looked down at her half eaten pie."I don't think so,"

Alyssa nodded."No,you know what?We're leaving."Catherine said,starting to get up but Alyssa pulled her back down."No!I want to finish my chicken! And I know you,you'd rather eat pie and endure something terrible than leave it untouched."

Alyssa had a point,except the something terrible part.Catherine sat back down in the booth,and picked up a french fry.She dipped it into some ketchup,then ate it."Please,please,tell me they still aren't? They may be hot,but stalkers are a HUGE turn off."

Alyssa shook her head."No,they look like they're deep in their convos.Anyways,what else did you find?"

Catherine nodded,stuffing another french fry into her mouth.She turned her labtop back on and clicked one of the pages that was still up.She turned the labtop to Alyssa."Well,more kids've been taken,all boys,from toddlers to pre-ads."

Alyssa nodded,then narrowed her eyes at the screen."Hey...did you notice that all of these kids are like,white?"Catherine nodded,then pointed at one name."Erins,it's a very common last name in the UK,"
Alyssa shrugged."So?"

Catherine grunted,then took the computer back.She started doing some 'techy-geeky' thing.Alyssa just kept on eating,and casually looking over at the guys. One was looking back,and he was "A tottal hottie" in her words. He had that whole "Bad-Boy" thing going for him-he was in a leather jacket,boots,and ripped jeans.


He smirked,drawing Alyssa in even more.
Alyssa winked,but then heard her name."What?"She asked Catherine.Catherine rolled her eyes.

"Could you not fratinize with the stalkers?Ok,thanks.Anyways,seems most of these families are from somewhere in Europe,but only one from a place where they have lots of mythical creatures."
"And where would that be?"

"Leicester,UK."Alyssa nodded,but not really understanding.Couldn't a place just be a place?"You still don't understand,do you?"
"Not one bit,trying to figure out Mr. Smexiness over there."Alyssa tilted her head to where the guys were sitting. Catherine shook her head,then threw a fry at Alyssa."What was that for?!"

"Not being serious on a hunt!"She scaremed,almost too loud.Alyssa's eyes widened.Almost everybody in the diner was looking at them,especially the guys. Catherine took this chance to pack up and walk out,leaving ten dollars on the table,and Alyssa trailing after her.


"Think that they are on this hunt?"Dean asked,looking at his brother.Sam shrugged,in deep thought about it."I don't know,maybe it was just like a regular hunt."

"Is it even in huntin' season for the regular people?"Dean had a point.Sam shook his head."Then I suggest we look for them and demand an explanation."Dean got up,and then placed some dollar bills on the table.Sam got up,following in his brother's footsteps.

They both stepped outside and into the slightly warm,slightly cold air. They both looked around for any signs of the girls,and only found one.
A car zooming out of the parking lot.

"Da.m. n..what a car."Dean commented,watching the car drive down the road."Well,there they go."
"Oh c'mon Sammy,there's only two motels in town...wouldn't take long."


"I didn't even get to finish my chicken,"Alyssa muttered. Catherine shook her head."I didn't mean to scream it that loud...."

"I was just flirting,no harm can come with that."Alyssa said,looking out the window. Catherine glanced at the blonde's head,then shook her own."I know,but what have I told you time and time again?"

"Don't get attached,don't tell the secret,and always do what you say."Alyssa said as if she'd had to recite it lots of times before."Exacily,"Catherine murmured to herself.

Pretty soon,they were at the Shamrock Motel.They got out of Catherine's car,then locked it."Why must you always lock it?"
"I don't wany ANYBODY stealing MY baby."Catherine replied,throwing a spare of the keys to the motel room at Alyssa.Alyssa caught them,then put it in her pocket.The girls rushed to room 114,then locked it behind them."Well,what do you suppose we do now?"

Catherine looked out the window,making sure they weren't followed."I say we get into our FBI gear,then go investigate the other peoples' houses."Alyssa nodded,then they both glanced at each other."You got it first last time,"Alyssa said,stepping a little closer to the bathroom door.Catherine mimiced her footsteps."But my showers are shorter,"

Then they both bolted to the bathroom door,knocking into each other.
Alyssa won by slipping out of Catherine's reach.
"D. a.m.n you!"Catherine yelled as she banged on the door."Love you too!"

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