Supernatural-Welcome to the Jungle,Babe

My first Supernatural story!!!

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Their outfits,FBI like--->

Catherine and Alyssa stepped out of the dress shop,looking as sharp as ever. Alyssa was dressed in a pencil skit,blouse,and heels. Catherine hated skirts, so she wore classy pants,blouse,blazer,and heels.

"I hate heels,"Catherine whined."Hey,I'm wearing the skirt,so shut it."Alyssa replied,opening her side to the car.

Catherine walked to the other end,got ina dnstarted the engine."So,where's the family live again?"

"In town,idjit."Catherine said,handing her the papers.
Alyssa sighed and took the papers."So...This tells me..."Alyssa stopped and waited for Catherine's answer.

"That tells you that three kids were dragged into the forest,"

"I thought you said that they were a family of four?"

Catherine accelerated,keeping her eyes on the road."That's all there is now."


"Ma'am,could you please tell us exactly what happened?"Catherine asked,her notepad in her hand and her silver pen in the other.The mother was still grieving. Catherine knew she would too if she only had two kids left out of five.

"I already told the poi-"

"We're not the police,we're the FBI."Alyssa said,sitting down next to the mother. The mother just shook her head,holding up a white hankerchief to her nose. She blew."I-I was cooking dinner,I had told Mary to go get her brothers,Alan,David,and Brian. Mary left..,"The mother started to cry again.Catherine sat down on the couch next to her.

Catherine and Alyssa know it's not good to get attached to a case. Alyssa did her best not to when it involves demons,Catherine tried her best not to when it involves family.

"It's ok.."Catherine said,giving the mother a comforting caress on her hand. The mother shook her head."No..I suppose it's better to get it out." Catherine nodded,then started to ask more questions."So..when did you exactily hear those screams?"

"Right around nightfall...that's why I-I asked Mary to go get the boys."

Then the door opened. It revealed a tall man with a beard,a little girl around twelve,and a smaller girl.They were all carrying bags filled with groceries. Catherine got up and helped both of the girls. They smiled and muttered their thanks.

"Donna,who are these people?" The man asked,placing his bags on the table.
Catherine placed the bags she was holding next to them.

"Mike,these people are the FBI..they're here got the-"

"The police already came."He statted,a little irritated.

"Well,the local police haven't came up with anything,and we want to find your kids and catch the kidnapper."Catherine said,now standing near where Alyssa was sitting.

The man nodded,scratching his beard. There was a very odd quality about him,and neither Catherine or Alyssa could place their fingers on it.

"Can you continue?"Alyssa asked. The mother nodded,looking over at her daughter."Like I said,I was making dinner,asked Mary to go get the kids...she came back saying somebody took them into the woods.Mike,"Mike grasped her shoulder carefully,as if he could break her that way."Mike ran into the woods with his gun,but he found nothing."

Catherine looked at the father. He was staring into space,or moer importantly the photo of an old Willow tree.He looked captivated by it,like he was in a trance.

His lips looked like they were moving,but no sound came out.

Nobody else noticed it.

Catherine narrowed her eyes,looking at his lips a little closer. He stopped instantly,then looked dead at her. She gulped."Look,my wife and kids are tired...leave."His tone was demanding,intemidating,scary. Like Catherine thought,he was an odd man.Not many people scared her.

"Agent Reid,"Catherine said,signifing Alyssa."I think we got alot of useful information.We'll keep in touch."Alyssa stood up and both of them walked out.


"I'm glad to be out of those high heels."Alyssa said,sitting down on the couch next to Catherine.Catherine had her labtop on the table,next to a bag of tacos from the local Taco Bell,upon Catherine's request. It was one of her favorite food groups:Tacos,drinks(prefferably containing alcohol),chocolate,skittles,and just about any other type of junk food. Alyssa on the other hand,ate healthy.

"Same,I don't know how people wear those all day."

"I think we just did,Smarty Pants."Catherine rolled her eyes at Alyssa.Alyssa then hobbled over,currently trying to take off her stockings.Catherine laughed."You would be a good dancer,"

"Oh shut up.So,what did you find?"Alyssa said,throwing the stockings astray and looking down at the labtop.Catherine just shook her head. "Right now,it just sounds like a typical abduction...but there was something in their father's eyes..."Catherine shook her head.

"If I told you something,you swear you won't think I'm crazy,will you?"

"Sweetie,there isn't anything you could tell me now that would make me think that you're crazy. Unless you tell me that your taco started talking."Alyssa joked."I'm serious.That guy,I think he had something to do with it."

Alyssa lauhed."Are you kidding me?!He was grieving,just like the mother!"

"No,listen! The way he demanded that we leave,there was an odd anger in his voice." Alyssa picked up her a taco and then handed it to Catherine."Honey,just eat your taco and do your little geeky-techie thingy."


"You almost ready?!"Catherine yelled through the bathroom door.She heard Alyssa giggle."Beauty like mine don't come naturally,darlin'."Catherine sighed. Alyssa took about thirty minutes to get ready,while it only takes Catherine about three,unless she wants to straighten her hair,like she did again today.

Catherine walked back to her labtop and started to search again.She figured that Alyssa would take about ten more minutes in the shower,then another ten to get dressed. Catherine ended up looking up info on the O'Henry family. apparently,lots of people in this area have the last name O'Henry,so she just stopped that search.

Instead,she started to look up mythical/supernatural creatures that would take kids.

Yet another huge list to look.

Catherine just shut her labtop and sighed. She went to Stanford,there had to be something that she learned from there!

"Ok,I'm ready!"Alyssa yelled,coming out of the bathroom,using a red towel to dry her short blonde hair. She had on a blue shirt with a monster looking creature on it,some blue jeaned shorts, and her fishy slip on shoes. She chose the casual look today.

On the other hand,Catherine was wearing her Led Zeppelin tee,grey skinny jeans,and her favorite checkered Vans. She also had on her stripped grey hoodie.Guess her look today was grey and black.

" look..usual."Alyssa stated,rushing to the vanity mirror next to one of the beds."Well,that means a whole lot."Catherine said sarcastically."Are you almost ready?There's no need for make-up,we're just going to that local diner."

"I know,but you never know who we'll meet,"Alyssa walked over and picked up her purse."I mean,there could be a whole bus-full of delicious,yummy guys and I don't want to look like crap!"Catherine rolled her eyes."Yeah,because it's sooo likely that hot guys just crowd around local diners,"

----> their outfits now

"Ok,what'll it be,fellas?"The waitress asked,taking the pink pen from behind her ear and waiting for the boys to answer. The shorter of the two asked,"What's the special?"The older waitress pointed at the neon blue sign."A homemade Apple P-"

"I'll take that and a coffee,black."The waitress wrote that down,then turned to the taller one."And what will you have?"

He looked down at the menu,then ordered,"Ceaser Salad,ice water."The lady nodded,then walked back to the kitchens."Ok,what's with your diet?"Asked the shorter one,clearly wanting to agervate his brother.

"Huh?"The taller one asked,looking bewildered."Oh c'mon,Sammy,a Ceaser Salad and ice water?You sound like a teenage girl,"

Sam rolled his eyes."Just because I don't eat like you doesn't mean I eat like a teenage girl,Dean."Dean shrugged,then let his eyes wonder around the Diner.The diner was themed mid 50's,mostly had alot of Elvis Presily on the walls. Dean wanted to gag.

"Oh well.Hey,what have you found out about the kidnappings?"Sam nodded,then took out his labtop from it's case.He turned it on just in time for the food to come."Let me know if y'all need anything,got it?"

"Yes ma'am."Dean said,obviously not attracted to her now low-cut blouse. Old woman like Dean,that was a major turn off. Espessially if the woman was around his grandma's age.

The woman walked away,trying to sway her hips to the country music. Dean wanted to gag again,and he wanted to make a joke,but Sam pulled up the page.

"Ok,it seems that three other family's kids have been taken. All of them around the ages from four to twelve,and all of them boys."

"What-"The woman walked over carrying Dean's order,which consisted of a huge double cheeseburger,a butt-load of fries,some mac-and-cheese,and then a hot fresh Apple Pie.Dean rubbed his hands together in glee.

Then they were both suddenly hot. They soon realised that the door had opened,letting alot of hot air in. In Dean's eyes,it wasn't the only thing hot that came through those doors.

Of course,both of them were girls. One silghtly taller than the other with short blonde hair and a face that belonged on the cover of magazines everywhere,and the body to match. Her clothing gave off a carefree attitude.The other girl was shorter by at least two inches,had long straight dark brown hair,and had a more curvious body. The kind of body that was Dean's favorite.She had an heart shaped face,freckles,but something really caught Dean's eyes.

They were her piercing blue eyes.

"Dean...Dean!"Sam said,getting his brother's attention."Huh,what?"Dean said,looking away from those girls to his brother.Sam gave Dean a "what-the-fudge"look."Dude,look over to the booth near the exit."

Sam relunctantly looked,then his eyes widened."Eh,I told you."Dean said,a smirk planted on his face."No,Dean,I think I know one of them."


"So girls,what'll it be?"The waitress asked,a happy smile upon her old,wrinkily face.Alyssa looked down at her menu,then ordered the Grilled Chicken Sammi.The older lady turned toward Catherine,and waited."Um..what's the special?"

"Well,it had a double cheeseburger,large fires,mac-and-cheese,and then an Apple Pie."

"Oooh,is the Apple Pie any good?"Catherine asked,getting excited.The lady smiled at her."If it wasn't,then I wouldn't be workin' here."Catherine then ordered that,and both of them ordered a Dr. Pepper.

The old waitress walked away.

"Ugh,I swear,you're gonna die from all you eat."Alyssa said,shaking her head.Catherine shrugged,"Whatever,I won't die from that."

"You'd be surprised.."Alyssa muttered."What was that?"Catherine asked."Nothing,"
Catherine nodded,then took out her labtop.She glanced at Alyssa."Who are you staring at?"

"My busload of hot guys,"Alyssa tilted her head to where they sat.Catherine had to turn around to look at them,but when she did,she was very surprised."Hey,only two.That's not a busload."

"More than the hot guys at our high school..who was that guy?"Catherine shrugged."I try to refrain from letting those memories pop into my head,or do you not remember me being the social outcast?"

"No,I remember clearly.Anyways,they look like they're looking at you."Catherine shook her head."Give me your purse,"Alyssa did so,then Catherine took out one of her little mirrors,trying to make it look like that she was trying to fix her make-up.She was really checking out those guys.

Both of them were obviously hot.One had spikey like brown hair,the other had kinda shaggy hair.Both of them built a bit,but one caught her eye.

He looked really familure.


"Dean,I seriously think that I know that girl."Dean rolled his eyes."Ok,Pshycic Boy,try to explain."

Sam went through all the memories in his head,avoiding the bad ones.Somehow,he came across his ninth grade year.

Then he knew.


Sam walked into his first day of ninth grade-well,at this school at least. His father had another case,this one would make them stay at least a month. But of course,it was a werewolf case and they missed the last full moon.

He walked along side his older brother,Dean.Dean was posing as a Senior,while he was really 18,and had just finished."I hate school,"He muttered to himself.Sam just shook his head.As much as he wanted to tell his brother and dad about his dreams,he didn't want to get yelled at.It was always Stay in the business,Sam.Or You can't tell anybody Sam. Sam was just tired of keeping secrets.
He wanted a normal life,and hunting all those supernatural creatures that you raed about in books wasn't normal.

Not at all.

Sam just nodded with his brother's words,and then both of them seperated when they got to the doors. Girls instantly looked at Dean,and Sam was a little jealous. Why didn't girls look at him like that?


Sam was headed to first period,which was History. Sam kind of liked History,but it was really what they were studying.

Once Sam walked in,all eyes were on him.Sam blushed."Ok,looks like we have yet another new student,"Said the old looking man.He had a yellow stain going from his lower lip to the bottom of his chin.

Tobacco juice.

"What's your name,kid?"He asked Sam."Sam,Sam Winchester."The teacher nodded,then pointed his old,boney fingers to the back of the room."Go.Sit.It's a free day of reading,so I hope that you brought a book to read."His eyes went to Sam's hands,which held a pen and a book.

Sam nodded,then walked down the isles and to the back. He sat next to a girl who had on a long sleeved red shirt,and she was reading intently.She only looked up when Sam sat down.

The first thing that Sam noticed was her bright blue eyes.They were so blue that he wasn't even sure what color they were,but they drew him in.She was also really pretty.She held out one of her tan hands."I'm Catherine."He shook her hand."Sam,"

She rolled her eyes,"Yea,you just introduced yourself a few seconds ago."Sam looked down and blushed.Catherine giggled."It's called sarcasm,Sam.Learn it,it's a very interesting language."

"Oh,I know sarcasm."

"Oh really?"She asked,getting a little closer.Sam then noticed her freckles,and how some of them connected would've mad a triangle,and some of them a star.
The weird thing was that one almot made a pentagram.


"Shut up back there!"The teacher yelled,making everybody turn to Catherine and Sam.

They shut up instantly.

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