Supernatural-Welcome to the Jungle,Babe

My first Supernatural story!!!

Chapter 1

Chapter One

---> their outfits-

Alyssa crept silently and tried to muffle her giggles over to Catherine's bed.And there Catherine layed still,dead like.
She looked peaceful.It was Alyssa's job,as her best-friend-slash-sister to wake her.Alyssa's mischevious smile widened.She dumped the bucket of water and....

"What the freak!"Catherine yelled,jumping up and out of her bed.Her clothes were attached to her like a second skin."That look totally works for you,"Alyssa said,laughing.Catherine glared,grabbing Alyssa's Black Veil Brides tee.

"Oh c'mon!Not my shirt!"Alyssa said,rushing over to grab the shirt.Even though Alyssa is a good head taller than Catherine,Catherine was faster than her."You got mine wet!"

"You're getting mine wet!"

"Payback,babe!"Catherine said,sticking her tounge out at Alyssa.Then,Alyssa tackled Catherine to the ground."OH MY GOD!!!YOU'RE PUNTURING MY FREAKING LUNG!!!"

Catherine yelled in pain.Alyssa laughed,then got off of the poor girl."You deserve it,"Alyssa stuck out a hand,Catherine taking it and standing up.
Catherine looked down at herself."I got to go clean myself up before we go anywhere.."

Catherine made her way to the closet,got out a towel and walked into the bathroom."Ok,but hurry up!I have to get in too!"

"Should'a thoguht of that before you got me wet,"Catherine said,locking the bathroom door.


Catherine walked out the bathroom,towel around her body.She usually did this,mostly because Alyssa was like a sister to her,that and there were always no guys around.That was rule number one.In their line of business,you don't get attached to anybody.

Rule number two was to never say their real names,and rule three was to always go with that Catherine said.

Catherine,she was a world class liar.She could gamble you out of hundreds of dollars in a single night;she could get out of arrest fromt he police,as long as Alyssa stayed with their plan.

Which,Alyssa learned to.Alyssa was new in this business,only meeting Catherine in the ninth grade when a vampire lurked around their school.Alyssa was one of the victims,and Catherine saved her.

Alyssa left with Catherine and her father when the demon camed and killed her parents.Then,they left,teaching Alyssa everything they needed to know.
Once,Catherine even went to Stanford to study,but that didn't turn out well.Her father,Bobby,called her in because Alyssa needed help on a case,and that case involved lots of demons and vampires.

"Yes!!!My shower time!"Alyssa said,running past Catherine and into the bathroom.Catherine chuckled,then got clothes out to wear.Catherine had a weird style,it ranging from 'hipster' to 'teenish' to 'punk' to 'rock' and to 'scene'.Alyssa's was just usually around 'rock n' roll'.

Catherine put on the clothes that she had near her duffle bag,then started to dry her long,dark hair.Catherine sat down in front of the motel's mirror,watching herself in it.

You could say that Catherine was pretty,beautiful even,but she wouldn't believe you.She had her father's dark hair,and her mother's light,blue eyes.
She got her mother's southern bell accent,her freckles,and her personaility...well,she had more of her father's personaility as in stubborn,sarcastic,and hates to be wrong.

Catherine put down the towel and started to brush her hair.Her's was wavy,almost curly,and kind of frizzy.She started to straighten it.

"Ahh,what a good shower!"Alyssa said with a smile on her face."What a short shower coming from somebody how could live in one."

Alyssa shrugged."We have to hit to road if we want to get to dad's place."Alyssa and Bobby had a very close relationship.Since Catherine and he had saved her(twice)they grew into a 'father-daughter' kind of thing.


Catherine sighed.She loved her dad but sometimes,she just didn't want to go back to Sioux Falls,South Dakota.She was ok witht he small town life...but it got to her sometimes.When her mother died,she just didn't want to stay there anymore.She didn't understand why her father did.

"Well hurry up and get dressed and we can make it in a day or so."Catherine unplued her hairdryer and let it sit on the table,letting the heat settle.She walked over to her duffle bag and got out a red box."You'd better pack up,Lyssa,we're going a hunt before we go."

Alyssa whined,"Oh c'mon!We just did a hunt yesterday!Aren't you happy that you whopped vampire @zs?"Catherine cracked a smile,but said,
"Yea,I'm happy that those sons ofbitches are dead,but this case involves a family of four.A family,Lyssa."Alyssa sighed,then sat on the edge of the motel's bed."So,what's the case?"

Catherine went over to her bag and took out her labtop case.She opened it,then took out the papers and handed them to Alyssa."Read'm and weap."She packed up her labtop again.


"Can you turn that down?"Alyssa asked,tapping her pen against her knee.Catherine rolled her eyes."I thought that you liked Metalica!?"Alyssa shruged,then reached over and turned the station to CD.P!nk's Sober started.

"Oh c'mon,you know you wanna sing.Espessially when you got the voice of a siren..."Alyssa smirked.Catherine scoffed.
"Why would you even compare me to a creature that lures sailors to their deaths?"Alyssa started singing along with the radio.

Catherine turned the music down."I have to drive,"

"Oh,so you can blare Metalica all you want but I can't even put Pink on?I thought that you liked Pink!"Catherine sighed,then turned the music back up."You're welcome,"

"I didn't say thanks,but whatever.Oooh,stop here!"Alyssa said,jumping upand down in her seat."What?We're in Milwaukee,there's nothing new here!"Alyssa contineously poked Catherine's shoudler and pointing out the window."No,no!Look!It's a candy shop!"Catherine rolled her eyes."Alyssa,sit your butt down or we're not going to South Dakota!"Alyssa pouted,then sat down in her seat."You're mean,"

"Yea well,so's the world.Haven't we taught you that?"

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