If you are a marauder close this NOW!! (Isabella Black's diary) (marauder love story)

Harry, Ron and Hermione were looking through old cupboards and things in number 12 Grimauld place when Hermione found a dusty little, black book. She wiped the dust away to reveal the initials I.N.B. She showed the book to both Harry and Ron but they didn't know who she was either so, they went into the kitchen with the book to Remus who was sitting at the table reading the daily prophet and when he looked at it he smiled. read on and learn about many the different adventures of Sirius' sister.

Chapter 3


Harry, ron and Hermione were waiting anxciously to hear more about Izzy and Sirius was more than happy to comply. / The rest of the train ride was quite eventful. I joked around with James ("I thought she liked Remus?" Asked Ron. "Okay, again, she was 11. She didn´t like anyone that way yet." Replied Remus.) Scared the living c##p out of Peter a few times (Many people laughed at this) teased Remus quite a lot (Again, people laughed) mucked about with Sirius and had a few fights with the slytherins. (I really like her." Said Ron and the other two nodded in agreement.) I´m not going to bore you with a total description of my first year because, compared to the rest, it was quite boring. So, I will summerize. ("Thank god for that." Said Sirius) Let´s just say that, I became great friends with Lily but, spent most of my time with the marauders, I was sorted into Gryffindor! I pushed Sirius and James in the lake a few times, got top in all my classes and got a lot of detentions. Now, I´m going to skip to my 3rd year. (Yes!!" Shouted Sirius. "What?" Asked Harry. "That´s the year that they got together." Explained Sirius. "And I´m not talking about her and Remus. God, that was funny." He continued. They raised their eyebrows so, he just started reading again.) My second year was pretty much the same as my first except, I found out that Remus had , as James so affectionately names it, a furry little problem. (Snickers) Now, third year. That was interesting. ("Understatement." Stated Sirius.) I got in a lot of trouble, just like the previous two years and all in the future but, I got a little surprise that year.(eyebrows were raised.) Third years are allowed to go to Hogsmeade and, belive it or not, my mother had signed the form. A few days before the first visit was when I got that surprise. (Remus and Sirius were snickering.) I was sitting at breakfast with Lily when, the marauders showed up. James sat across from me with Remus next to him and Sirius sat next to me with Peter next to him. Lily didn´t look too pleased. (They all snorted.) "Hey, Talia? Can I ask you something?" Questioned James. I knew I had to be cautious because, he only called me Talia when he wanted something. Last time, he wanted me to join the quidditch team. I made beater but, that´s not the point. "What?" I asked slowly, cautiosly. "You know the Hogsmeade weekend is coming up?" He asked. I nodded. "Would you like to go with me?" He asked and I almost choked on my breakfast. Sirius slapped me on the back a few times to keep me from dying. (The golden trio were staring at Sirius, too shocked to speak.) Lilyś eyes had gone wide and she was shaking her head franticly. I smirked at her and turned back to James. "Yeah, sure." I replied and he smiled at me. "Sweet, I´ll meet you in the Great hall at 10." He told me and I nodded in agreement. ("Your sister, went out with my dad?" Asked Harry. Sirius nodded while still laughing.) Yeah, surprising huh? We actually went out for about a year. (More shocked faces) My first Hogsmeade trip turned out great. I met James in the great hall, like we said and we headed off together. I thanked Godric that he didn´t take me to Madam Puddyfoot´s. I would have died from the sickly sweetness. (Harry gave a little shiver at this while the others laughed.) We went to honeydukes first wher, he bought me some chocolate. ("Aww." Said Hermione and the others gave her weird looks. Apart from Remus of course.) We then went to Zonko´s where, we had a lot of fun. We went around, getting different pranking products, planning what we could do to the slytherins. ("Fred and George would have loved her." Stated Ron and the others agreed.) After that, we went to the three broomsticks and had some butterbeer before going to the shrieking shack and meeting up with the others. ("Thank Godric, she didn´t go into detail." Said Sirius and Harry nodded.) I had a lot of fun with James. We made each other laugh and, Sirius seemed to approve. ("Of course I approved. He was my best friend.) I was also made the first ever girl Marauder that year. First and only. Plus, with us knowing about Moony´s ´furry little problem´ we hatched a plan. We would all become animagi to help him through it. Well, like I said, me and James got along great but, we decided to just be friends anyway so, we broke up at the end of the year. Not that it didn´t cause gossip while we were together. He had his own fan club. The amount of times I had to beat up or hex barbie doll blondes and Plastic followers was ridiculous. (People snorted at this while Harry looked a little disturbed.) So, yeah. All in all, a pretty interesting year.

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