If you are a marauder close this NOW!! (Isabella Black's diary) (marauder love story)

Harry, Ron and Hermione were looking through old cupboards and things in number 12 Grimauld place when Hermione found a dusty little, black book. She wiped the dust away to reveal the initials I.N.B. She showed the book to both Harry and Ron but they didn't know who she was either so, they went into the kitchen with the book to Remus who was sitting at the table reading the daily prophet and when he looked at it he smiled. read on and learn about many the different adventures of Sirius' sister.

Chapter 2

First Year

Sirius opened the book and everybody was waiting with baited breath to see what was inside. He looked down at the first page and laughed. "If you are a marauder, close this now!" He read and the others joined him laughing. "Well, That aint gonna happen." Muttered Ron and the others nodded in agreement. "Well, I know that isn going to happen." Sirius read and gave Ron an amused look. Then continued. "Iḿ actually in my seventh year while writing this so, Sirius, if you are reading this then I suggest you put it away because you will deffinately find things that you never wanted to know. Trust me." He read and glanced at Remus. "Told you." Was all Remus said before Sirius shook his head and continued. "Even though this is a diary, I know that people will end up reading it so, Iḿ going to introduce myself." Remus rolled his eyes at this with a very amused smile. "My name is Isabella Natalia Black but, anyone who calls me isebella will be punished. Severely." Sirius slowly gulped and the trio gave him confused glances. "Trust me, she can be very scary." He told them and then looked over to Remus who had a half-amused, half-frightened expression. "Ain´t that right Mooney?" He asked and remus nodde slowly. "Many people feared her more than McGonogal. She was a year younger than us and when Lily left she was made head girl. We never quite figured out why. It was like James being head boy the year before." Remus explained. "What do you mean?" Asked Harry. "She was the first and only female Marauder. Plus she was smart so, that made her a force to be recond with." Answered Sirius. He looked proud yet scared at the same time. Remus nodded from next to him. Sirius just shook his head a bit and went back to reading. Most people call me Izzy and, if Sirius is there then I know all you other nosy sods are too, which means Remus as well, you will be getting the arse kicking of a lifetime mate. Well, Remus calls me Talia because he knows I prefer my second name." Sirius looked over at his best mate with a very amused expression and he also looked a little sad. "Bet your imagining that arse kicking aren you?" He asked and Remus just nodded. "Well, anyway, now that the warnings are out of the I shall start with how my first year started. It was actually because of my idiotic brother that I met Remus and James. I refuse to talk about Peter much, I hated that little pipsqueek." Sirius looked up as he read this. "She always said she didn trust him. Maybe I should have listened to her." He said thoughtfully. "You think?" Shouted Harry, Ron and even Hermione. Sirius just went back to reading. "So, in some ways I really have to thank Sirius. Even though he is a pain in the rear end, he is useful for some things." There was much laughter at this point.

~~~~~~~~~~IzzyÅ› time~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Sirius, I am warning you. You try and trip me up one more time and it will be your manly downfall." I warned my older brother, glancing at his man jewels. He obviously didn't think I do anything because he tried to trip me up again. I gave him one of my famous Black death glares and he ran as fast as he could onto the train. I smirked to myself before running after him. When I got onto the train and looked around the corridor I couldn see him anywhere so, I started sneeking around, glancing into peoples compartments. I stopped at one compartment where I saw three boys sitting. One was a boy with dark hair, glasses and hair that stuck up in odd angles but, it was kinda cute. (Oh, Tha´s just disterbing." Commented Sirius when he read this. "Told you." Was Remus´ answer. The others just laughed.) Sitting next to him was a short, plump guy that resembled a rat. (They snorted at the irony.) The third boy was quite interesting. (Here we go." muttered Sirius.) He was sitting with a book in front of his face but, his eyes were closed and he was laughing for no apparent reason. (Eyebrows were raised.) Thats when I saw it. Behind the guy with the book I could see my brothers head poking over his shoulder. ("Oh") I swung open the compartment door and, ignoring the looks I was getting, marched over to the guy with the book and reached behind him to grab my brother by the ear and drag him into sight. "More raised eyebrows.) "Uh, hi." Was all he said as I held him by the ear, quite strongly, I might add. "Isebella, did I introduce you to my friends?" He asked sweetly. (Ooh, bad move." Muttered Hermione.") "Bad move." (Everyone looks at Hermione) I squeezed his ear harder and he groaned in pain while I could see the kid with glasses and the one with the book trying to hold in their laughter and the rat kid looked scared. "No, Sirius you haven't. Would you like to do it before or after I desecrate your manhood?" I asked, the other two still trying not to laugh. ("You know, for an 11 year old, she´s quite violent." Commented Hermione. "Mmmm" Remus and Sirius muttered back.). "Oh, come on Izzy. I was only having a little fun." Sirius said, which was, again, a very bad move. I squeezed his ear tighter and he cried out again. "Now, what were you going to say?" I asked in a Cough fake Cough sweet voice. "I'm sorry?" He said, it was more of a question really. "Good boy. Are you going to do it again?" I asked. He shook his head quickly and I let go of his ear. "Now you can introduce me to your friends." I told him and he smiled widely. "That's James Potter." He pointed to the one with glasses and crazy hair. "Peter Pettigrew." The rat boy, he looked a little shifty to me. (They looked at Remus and Sirius with have disbelieving, half angry expressions on their faces. "Did she ever mention this?" Hermione asked. "She might've." Responded Sirius. They scowled at him.) "And Remus Lupin." (All ears perked up at this point and Remus laughed at their eager expressions. "She's 11." He told them and they just shrugged.) He was the one that my 'darling' brother was hiding behind. He had sandy blond hair that came slightly over his eyes, which were a chocolaty brown. He had a few scars on his face but, they kinda made him look a little daring (A few snorts from Harry, Sirius and Ron) but, judging by the book in his hand and the other two that were next to him, I'm guessing that, that is far from true. (Got you figured out the minute she saw you mate." Sirius told Remus who just smiled and nodded.) He gave me a small little wave to which I responded with a two finger salute. "Don't mind Mooney, he's a bit shy." Sirius said with a smirk and 'Mooney' hit him with his book. I guess they do have uses. "OH, so this is the fantastic Mooney? The one that does your homework and saves you from the wrath of Mcgonogal?" I asked with my own smirk. James and Remus laughed while Sirius sulked and Peter still looked scared. Actually. I shall call him rat boy. (Eyebrows were raised) "Well, seen as my brother has forgotten, I'll introduce myself." I said and Sirius gave me a sheepish grin. "Isabella Natalia Black but, please either shorten my first name or call me Natalia because I hate my first name." I said and they nodded in understanding. "Can I go find Lily now?" I asked my brother. "No." Was his reply. (My mum, Lily?" Harry asked. "Yeah, they met on the platform. Became instant friends." Sirius replied.) "Why?" I asked. "Because it is your first day and I am going to keep an eye on you. I don't want you getting into another fight with a Slytherin." He replied and James' eyes seemed to light up. "Okay, two questions. No, three." He said and then turned to Sirius. "Why didn't you tell us you had a sister?" He asked. "I was literally forbidden to." Sirius replied. My mother had told him not to breathe a word about me or be banished from the house. "Okay." James then turned to me. "When you said Lily, did you mean Lily Evans?" He asked. "Yes, I did." I replied and he smiled wider. "Fantastic and, why did you get into a fight with a Slytherin?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. "I was provoked." I replied. His eyebrow went higher and I knew I had to elaborate. "He was talking about my family being all Slytherins and telling me to ditch my good for nothing brother to go with him. So, I hit him." I told him and he nodded before stepping up next to me and swinging an arm around my shoulder. "Sirius, I love your sister." He told my brother and I smirked as he just shook his head in amusement. "Now can I go?" I asked. "No." Sirius replied again. Damn it.

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