The Only Exception (Rewritten)

Violet Estelle is beautiful.
Violet Estelle is smart.
Violet Estelle is a werewolf.

You read right. Violet is evil too. There are strict rules in the Eclipse City, too.

Very, strict rules.

Finally finding a family to call her own, siblings, parents and all, the worst strikes when things get weird.

Violet finds someone. Someone worth meeting. Some can call it love.

But can the evil have love too? Or is Violet an exception?

Chapter 1

A Welcoming

And I'd give up forever to touch you
'Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
And I don't want to go home right now

"And all I can taste is your sweetness. All I can breathe is your life." I whispered, finishing the radio's verse. I ran the needles through the white and brown scarf. Although knitting took a long time, the smell of mohair and metal was a homey, familiar feeling.

I am an American. But on a journey...

See, I never knew my family. I'm on a search to find them. My guardian, Addison, told me they were out there. He said when I was eighteen, with curly red hair bouncing around his face, that they live not in America, but in Russia.

Okay. I'm not American. But I speak American. And my accent is perfectly American too.

Except I have differences.

My nose is pointed upwards, my purple-black hair falls in large, curly waves around my shoulders, and my jaw is square. My eyes are in the shape of almonds, and I can't say my F's all the time.

So here I am. In Russia, boarding with a pleasant family.

Pff. You didn't think I was alone, did you? Hell no. I'd be dead on the side of the road a long time ago!

I have Justin Elliot Yates. But you can't call him Justin-- it was his fathers name. Elliot never knew his father.

Wondering where he is, are you? At a dance. With some chick. He's a ladies man... and I guess he finds Russians hot. Immature, handsome, and popular.


Elliot's voice carried over into the apartment into my room. "Elliot?" I wondered out loud. I swung my pale legs over the bed and put my knitting on the dark end table. "What is it?" I spoke louder.

"Come quick!"

I lurched forward, almost tripping on my own feet. To be safe, I flattened down my striped tank top and straightened up my black shorts.

"Is there company?" I shouted. "No! Sicily is in the car. But no one's here, I promise!"

Steadily, I stepped down the stairs and into the parlor.

Elliot wasn't in a Tux as I expected him to be. He had a light gray dress shirt on with not-very-matching khakis. "A moonstone, Violet."

"Where!" I almost screamed. It wasn't a question, more like an order. I loved demanding him around, as if I were some queen.

But this time was weird. A moonstone! They weren't rare, of course. But seeing one above ground? A full, unbroken, undamaged, moonstone? You can say they're my favorite.

The car ride there was annoying. Sicily's cigarette smoke forced a cough on both Elliot and me, but it was fine over then. I hung my head out of the window, letting the wind catch my purple-black hair.

Finally the black sedan-like vehicle trudged to a stop. Sicily wheezed out another puff of smoke, then coughed violently.

As soon as I stepped out of the car, I could feel the mosquitoes getting at me. This was Russia for crying out loud! And it's night! When do mosquitoes get here?

I shrugged off my curiosity, and swatted away some more. We walked along the forest floor silently, except for my constant slaps on my arms and neck. I could already see little red welts; it was rather obnoxious.

Finally, I heard Elliot's excited gasp. I held my breath. Behind them, I couldn't see it. I smirked and pushed them out of the way.

Sure enough, a glowing oval the size of a computer disk was pressed firmly into the soil. I leaned over to get a better look at it.

It was beautiful. The silver-white gem was an alternative to a lantern in colonial times. No wonder. The beauty enticed me.


I turned around. Something... sliced me. I felt warmth leak around my body. I staggered to the ground. My eyes darted wildly around my head. Elliot's face flashed in my mind. No, it was the real thing.

Sicily was gone. I tried to lift myself. Pain rippled down my spine.

And I basically died.


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