He is Salvation

Chapter 1

He is Salvation

Those blank, empty eyes, that vacant stare
Hiding the anger and hatred inside
It tries to get out and soon
She will be powerless to stop it
She will wreak havoc on those around her
She will push everybody away
This will be when she needs him the most
He doe not know that he is needed
He does not know that he's the one
The one who can save us all
The one who can save her life
The one she needs the most
He will be her lifeline
Her one and only hope
He will be her light in the darkness
The one who shows her the way
He who holds the key to her heart
She will destroy all that she loves
She will cause hell if he does not wake
Wake to the duty before him
His duty now is to save the world
All innocence will be lost before too long
He is Salvation

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