Life sucks- A Dimitri Belikov love story

This is a fan fiction for The Vampire Academy. Its a Dimitri love story. Just cause he's hot and I love me a russian guy.
Yekaterina Ozera
Black hair and hazel eyes with a black rim around them
Though she is a moroi she is trained to be a gurdian as well (she wishes to fight alongside her guardian)
Reckless, sporty, hates most royals
Lisa Christian and Rose are dead because lisa was working on her magic,
Specializes in 2 of five elements (fire,spirit)
Single room
"o" doesn't work well

Chapter 1

Home- build like a dhampir : a.k.a Katherine

"Well well well, what a surprise Ms. Ozera. Nice to see you again." said headmistress Kirova. "It would be better if I weren't about to be punished. What is it this time? Detention for a month? Y'all seriously need to get that you can't break me.""Oh, I understand that Yekaterina. That is why you will be on house arrest and have extra trainings from your new guardian Dimitri Belikov.," she said as a man stepped forward. "Now I'm just like Rose and Lisa. Yaaaa Me." I said sarcastically. "What happened to you Yekaterina?" "What happened? My brother died because of some stupid a.s. s b.i.t. c.h who could not control her powers. That's what happened." I screamed in my EXTREMELY annoyed voice. I shot up, and I guessed that I looked like I was going to hit someone/thing, because Dimitri had gripped my forearms behind my back and started to pull me outta the room. I turned round and growled at him. I could feel the black around my eyes widen. He let go of me in shock and I rushed out the door. Once I was in my room, I locked my door and fell face first on my bed.
Next Day
I had just thrown on my black jeans, white skull t-shirt, and slip-on vans when there was a knock on my door. “Yekaterina It's time to get up." "I'm up and ready." I said opening the door with my books in hand. "Let's go." I said, aready walking down the hallway. "Why are you already awake?" Dimitri asked me. "I don't know ever since everything happened I hardly sleep, which means I'm up already." I said and kept walking down the hallway. I could feel his eyes on my back throughout the entire class, but I ignored him. As I walked to lunch, I felt a tug on my arm and looked behind me. "What do you think you're doing?" you asked. "You need sleep. Go to bed during your lunch and I will bring you up some food." he replied. "Will do. Once I get some blood.""No. NOW." he told me." It will just get you hyped up and you won't be able to sleep." "1st. I haven't had any in a few days. 2nd. That's the point." you explained to him. "Fine. One quick sip then off to bed." On your way there, you ask him. “Why must I take a nap? It'll only last like 10 maybe 5 minutes." "Because I saw you during your morning lessons and you were about to fall asleep." he started "And yet I'm making straight A's." you say interrupting him. "And it will be for the rest of the afternoon. You will make up your regular training session with an extended hour towards ours." he finished. "Whatever." you moan, "I just need some blood."

As you walked into the cafeteria, you went to the private section for moroi.
Stupid royals you thought. They're all stuck up cause there mommies and daddies are whatever. As I walked up to a person who looked stoned Dimitri left. Whatever I thought as I bit onto his neck and let the delicious blood flow through my mouth. After about a second Dimitri pulled me away and into the girl’s dormitory. Once we reached, my room he let go of my arm and I asked... "What the h.e. l.l was that about. Do you realize that that boy could be dead if my grip on him wasn't as loose as it was?" "I didn't know you cared about anyone but yourself." he said with a smirk. "I... I don't. Trust me you wouldn't understand." "Yeah. I wouldn't understand being a guardian and killing six strigoi.... yeah I wouldn't understand." "You're right. You wouldn't, so just back, off “I said as I went into the bathroom to put on some sweats. I came out and he was sitting in his chair reading as book. “Night." I said as I jumped on my bed as turned out the table light.
"Yekaterina. get up, come on time to train." "What??" I said as I slowly regained consciousness. "Come on." he repeated. "Time to train." "What joy." "Yekaterina, I could do without the attitude, thank you." "And I could do without without headmistress Kirova, but we both have to deal." I replied. His response was an irritated grunt. Half way, and there I could tell he really didn't want to do this, so I turned to him and said."Hey, I'm sorry, I have an attitude. It was there before, but I could at least channel it through my brother. Now I'm all alone in this. But I do know that you lost her. Rose meant almost everything to you. I didn't like her, but she was important to you. I'm sorry you lost your roza." With that, I started walking towards the gym, his curious and confused eyes on me the entire time.
Once we got to the gym we went through the door the state-of-the-art track."Show me how fast you are, 20 laps." "That all? Easy peasy." I said and took off. He started the stopwatch and pulled out one of his many books. After 15:04 minutes I sprinted over to him. "There is no way you finished all of those laps. That was 5 miles, the record for that is..." I cut him off saying "21:03 minutes by Larry Smithee on 9-19-98 in UT. I beat it by 5 minutes and 59 seconds." I said in one breath. He cocked his head to the side like a confused dog. " I'm good for useless information." I told him shrugging it off. "Alright speed demon, get back out there keep going for 15 minutes."
I finally ran back in."Finally some sweat." he said chuckling. " I don't mind." I told him walking back in the gym. "Weight room." he directed me. After giving me a list of activities, and workouts to do he laid down on the mats and read, leaving me to my activities.
Once I finished there was still about 15 minutes left, so I just walked around. Thinking about my brother, and why he had to be in love with her. "Sit down." Dimitri told me. I looked at him skeptically, but went over anyways. "Why are you pacing." "I'm thinking I said dodging the true answer. "uhuh." he said looking me over, knowing I was withholding information. He slid his hand up the bleacher "Damm it" he muttered and clenched his hand into a fist. "Let me see it." I demanded. He looked like he didn't trust me; I took advantage of his momentary confusion to grab his hand. I placed my fingertips along the cut, and focused my energy into healing the wound. A few seconds later, it slide to a pink puckering line, until it disappeared all together. "What? How ... how did you do that?" Dimitri asked, clearly confused. "I've get 2 elements on my side. Don't tell anyone. Please, promise me." "Yekaterina.." "Promise me. please" I begged him. "I promise I won’t tell anyone." "Thank you so much." and with that I ran off to my dorm. Technically, I was supposed t have a guardian escort at all times, but now I didn't care. Someone besides my family found out one of my deepest secrets. I got to my dorm in a calm manner and got a shower before bed. When I finally laid my head on my pillow I was too nervous or anxious to sleep. After about 20 minutes I realized this attempt was pointless, so I decided to go find a feeder. Dimitri pulled me away before I got enough to sedate my thirst.As I stumbled down the hall way I felt someone grab ahold of my arm. Thirstly, angry and anxious isn't a great combonation of emtions for me, so I immeadiatly turned around growling, and letting my fangs come out, trying to scare my arm's captor. Several seconds later I realized those se. xy... I mean Dimitri's brown eyes gazing upon me. "Can I help you?" I asked straightening my posture, and withdrawing my fangs. "I could ask you the same question." he said releaseing my arm. "I was ging to get a midnight snack. You pulled me away earlier beofre I could get enough to get rid of my thirst." I said turning on my heels continuing down the hallway. "Yekaterina, I must advise against that, and I insist that you go back to bed." "And I advise that you leave me alone, and return to whatever it was you were doing before you stoped me." I replied, just wanting some blood. "I was watching, and now following you. You're on housse arrest if you don't recall." "I know I'm on house arrest. I simply don't care." "Fine, then I'll come with you." he replied. I smiled know I had gotten my way.
"What happened, earlier in the gym." Dimitri asked breaking the silence. "You know what happened. I have tw elements on my side. Fire and spirit." "Yekaterina, that element could very well kill you." "I know. I saw what it did to Lisa." I told him keeping my head down. "Things have been especially hard recently. You lost the one you love, but I lost my brother- whom I shadow kissed." I said trailing off. "You shadow kissed your brother? Why didn't you tell anyone?" He asked sounding completly concerned. "Because I didn't exactly know what it was until I found out about Rose and Lisa." "That's why your attitude has gotten worse." he said finally adding 2 and 2 together. "How did you keep from needing medicaiton?" "Simple" I told him " I hardly used it. the power I mean. I makes you feel like crap not using it, but it's kind of necesarry.And yeah. I would channel that energy I got to my brother, and he could help. but once he died it was like all of that negative energy,and his came reeling into my body at once. So I basically multiplied my energy by 2 and added Christians to it." I said trailing off again; this time Dimitri clearly picked up that I didn't want to finish this conversation.
After I feed, Dimtri and I walked back to my room. "Why does the ring around your eyes widen when you are increadibly mad or upset?" "Oh ummm, that happened when I saved my brother." at this point we were in my room, him sittign in the corner chair and me on my bed. "My parents tried to 'awaken him', and they nearly succeded. I got to him before he fully came back, and I saved his life. Whe I did that I got these rings around my eyes, like a Strigoi's, but they were dark like shadows. I supose that was the price I had to pay for saving my brother." I said tears creeping out of the corners of my eyes. "Come here Yekaterina." He said sitting on my bed pulling me close to him, tucking my head under his chin, wrapping his aamazingly muscled arms around me. "I I I'm f f fine." I said stutering. "Awwww Yekaterina calm down." He told me as I chocked on my sobs. "I I I don't cry. I din't cry for my p.p.p.arents, and not my I make you weak. I I I can't be weak." I continued to stuter. Dimitri pulled me back "Katerina. You are far from weak. You are one of the strngest people I know." The next thing I knew he was helping me lay down. Half way there I stoped him "They didn't come back for me, just him. why?" I said and I must have sounded pathetic, adn useless "I don't know KAterina, I just don't know." He said apposlogetically, but sincerly. We continued t stare into each thers eyes, and we both leaned in for a kiss. That Kiss was complete and udder bliss. "Oh Katia." he sighed and heald his hand against my cheek. Moments later I fell asleep with that hand upon my cheek.


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