Love is never bad only corrupt-(a Draco Malfoy love story) part 11

...yay next part!!! sorry it took so long i kinda couldn't think of anything and then it just came to me.....ya i have alot on my mind right.


Chapter 1

dreaming of you

i rapped my fist gently against his door and pulled my cloak tighter around.the door opened and draco looked down at me his eyes silvery in the dark.

"Draco we cant talk here,please come with me"i said glancing nervously down the hall.he didn't answer he just grabbed his coat silently off his bed and closed his bedroom door.he stayed a distance away from me as we headed down through the castle and out onto the grounds.

the breeze outside still had that winter chill but i could feel it being chased away by spring.a few leaves blew off the tree over us swirling around us.their paper like surfaces caught the moonlight bathing them in silver light.

they dance away from us and flew over the lake every so often skimming the lakes tranquil surface that rippled with each was beautiful.i turned to Draco who i felt watching me.his eyes matched the moons color."Draco its ok really"i whispered walking towards him.he stepped back and bumped into the tree.i could see the hurt in my eyes reflected in his.

i took another step toward him and my hand brushed his cheek.he flinched but didn't move."you didn't hurt me it was an accident."i said pleading.he stared me straight in the eye."it wasn't an accident.i meant to hurt dont understand and i dont want it to happen again."he brushed my hand away and walked to the edge of the lake staring across its blank surface as if it held all the answers.

his tall lean form was darkened by the moon.i sunk to the ground under the huge oak tree.i put my head in my hands and fought down the desperation in my heart.a prickling of the hairs on my neck made me glance up.i felt someones gaze but Draco was looking at the lake not me.i scanned the castle windows and up high in one of the towers a flash of movement caught my eye.

it was the flash of a black cape escaping from view.someone was spying on us.i jumped up and brushed the dirt off my pants.i started heading back towards the castle. Draco caught up with me and asked."where are you going."i stopped and he stopped to late having to spin around to face me.i tried to sum up as much poison in my voice as i could.i wasn't going to tell Draco about our spier."you dont want to dont want me to touch dont want me."i couldn't help it my voice cracked at the end and i ran past him and into the castle leaving him in the moonlight.


the mood in the great hall for breakfast was cheery and inviting.but it didn't fit me and Draco's mod.he sat farther down the table not touching his food.i looked exactly the same. Sam stared at me and then Draco. Tatiana did the same."Ana whats with you and Draco?"she said."nothing"i snarled a bit to harshly and so loud that Draco glanced up at me.i bit my lip and looked away from him bending my fork in my hand. Tatiana pried it from my fingers.

"gosh calm down Ana we were just asking but if you dont want to tell us its ok."she said.and like herself got up and went to Draco to ask him. Sam rolled her eyes next to me."is it your dreams?"she asked worried.i shook my head no.

Tatiana voice rang on my left."Draco and you are in horrible moods.he told me to p/i/s/s of."i ignored her and got up from the table.i felt that gaze on me again and i glanced quickly up at the professors tables.snape seemed to be staring at me.i did a double take but this time he wasn't looking at me.


hagrid lifted one of his many creatures into his hands.its squirmed in his huge grasp.i drifted off as he explained what it was and how to care for it.i tried not to stare at Draco.the class started to head towards the tree line and i hurried to catch up and then noticed when hagrid entered the forest.i froze stock still.i remembered the night with the dementors and i was not entering that place again.i turned back around and Draco seemed as pale as me.

hagrid and the gryffindors were already far in."come on!"hagrid called from inside.harry ran back from the group to me and the few slytherins behind me.he didn't seem at all affected by our last confrontation."come on Anastasia,theres nothing in there.'he said and his hand touched the small of my back trying to coax me inside.

the pressure of his fingers in my back made my stomach lurch. Draco sensed my discomfort and stepped to my side."dont touch her potter she just has a bad experience with these woods."he said.harry eyed him suspiciously but dropped his hand and hurried after the others.

"come on"Draco whispered and walked in front of me with me following close behind.

************ Draco's P.O.V

the way harry looks at her is already enough to make my skin crawl but when he touched her and how she stiffened and seemed to bristle at his touch sent a wave of fury through me.i know hurting her this way by pretending i didn't love her would help alot more with the pain that she would get from me later.but i couldn't sit back and watch potter reassure her or TOUCH her.

she seems so lost lately.shes always deep in thought.her dreams haven't been that bad lately but i know near the end of the year they will be.and over summer she'll be his tool,like me.the dark mark on the inside of my arm seemed to itch with those thoughts.why was he doing this to me?any day now he was going to ask me to let the other in through the vanishing cabinet.i had been practicing with it.but it all seemed so wrong.i felt like i was killing every one i loved which would only be Anastasia.

************* Anastasia's P.O.V

after class i decided to head down to the castle ground to bathe in the new spring was a warm day and fresh new flowers had just sprung up around the grassy grounds.students were outside talking running or playing.after awhile of laying in the grass i drifted off to sleep.


the dream was sweet.a dream i used to have before everything.i spun around in a circle in a bright meadow.everything had a sunny soft fuzzy look to it.birds sang in the trees and the white dress i was wearing twirled around me to its own rhythm.a figure stepped out of the tree line.his silver hair was turned almost gold in the sunlight.his eyes were bright and happy not tortured and haunted.he was wearing all white and his perfect smile beckoned me towards him.

i ran into his arms.he was warm and seemed full of sunlight.he leaned down to kiss me and tipped me back till we were on the soft grass wrapped in a passionate kiss.i laughed in my seemed so far away and echoed."we''ll always be together."dream Draco whispered and then the dream started to fade.


my eyelids fluttered open and the world was bathed in orange and gold hues.the sun was setting low on the horizon and i looked up a the figure sitting against the tree in front of me.his expression was the same as it was in the dream.happy and carefree.but when he noticed i was awake it disappeared."what were you dreaming about?"he asked."you"i whispered.his face hardened."another nightmare where i killed you?"he asked gravely."no,we were laughing and dancing in a meadow both of us were happy and you told me we'll be together forever."i said.he looked shocked for a second and rose slowly."oh sounds nice"he said blankly and walked away.


i told Sam about the dream.her eyes widened with every word as i sat on the edge of the bed listening."it must be you and him in the future.your dreams trying to send you a message that every things alright.that you two will always be together."she said in awe."then the dark lord must be messing with my dreams"i said."no those could be true and he could be eavesdropping on you dreams or he could of mad e them up."she said pointedly.i nodded.

i watched Sam's black cat,mouse,chase my owl around the room.the owl would hoot and fly out of the way just as mouse would leap onto the spot it had just been.tired of the game mouse padded over to me on the floor and meowed curling up in my lap.i sighed and petted her soft black head.

my owl landed softly on my shoulder and nuzzled her head against my neck.i stroked her soft purple tinged feathers in a rhythm as i scratched mouse behind the ear.

the door opened slowly and someone stepped into the room....TBC


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