This is a real Kidnap story not with all romance..There will be some..Will be graphic stuff..This is my first story so sorry if grammer not the best.Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1

Intro (Yes first chapter and intro aren't that intresting.)


My Name is Nicole, I am 16 years old. I live in Fair Field, South Carolina. I live with my mom, my dad, and my older brother, josh.My life was completely perfect till one winter day.
Chapter 1

"Nicole, get up!" My brother, Josh called. I opened my eyes and groaned. I hate mornings I thought, still laying in bed. "C'mon Nicole! We can't be late." Josh said getting a bit inpatient "Alright..alright." I said sitting up, rubbing my eyes.

Josh peeked in my room and smiled, "Morning, breakfast is ready." He said with a smile. "Someone is in a good mood..What's going on" I asked curiously. "Beth transferred to our school." Josh said with a grin on his face. Beth is Josh's girlfriend they've been going out for a year now. "Aww.. How cute." I said with a smile. Josh blushed a bit and went down stairs.

I quickly got changed into black skinny jeans and a Bullet for my Valentine t-shirt. I then headed down stairs to the dinning room and ate my pancakes with Josh. We barely talked. When we got done eating we grabbed out stuff and head out the door and waited for the bus.

When the bus came Josh and myself got on and sat in different seats. I started listening to the song Numb by Linkin Park and waited for Jared to get on the bus. Jared is my boyfriend we've been together for 5 months. The next stop Beth got on. She waved to me and She sat next to Josh. I just simple smiled at her and continued to listen to my Ipod.

I continued to wait anxiously for Jared to get on the bus. Finally the last stop came and Jared got on the bus. He sat next to me and looked at me, "Hey beautiful." Jared said. "Hi handsome." he kissed me. I kissed him back and he smiles at me. "I love you." He whispered. "I love you too." I whisper back, smiling at him, "Oh really, how much?" He said. "This much.." I said, I started making out with him.

A few minutes minutes later the bus stopped. Josh and Beth got up to get off the bus but before they left Josh yelled, "C'mon love birds,school time." Jared ended the kiss and kissed my head. "Lets go." He said getting up. I wish I could of stayed in that moment forever. I got up and followed him off the bus. We walked hand in hand and went into school.

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