A New Destiny - Kingdom Hearts

A New Destiny - Kingdom Hearts

Kuira was just a teenager that had questions that she couldn't answer, until she met a stranger. Then everything changed. She found the answers, and most of all she found out who she really was, a keyblade weilder. And from that moment on, her life changed in the most unbelievable way.

Chapter 1

New Beginnings

Peeking our from a mountains corner, she looked far off in the distance to see three figures. But she couldn't make out what they were, but it seemed to be one very short person, one meduim and one tall. And they were sorrounded by all of these other figures, and it seemed like they had started to fight. The three had won, and Kuira being curious stepped away from the ledge and out into the open. She was always the one to take risks. She slowly walked towards the three, finally she began to make out the figures. It seemed like a boy with spikey hair, a tall dog-like person and a short duck. As she walked up to them she scratched her head in disbelief. 'Well this is kind of awkward...' she thought to herself.
"Hi..." She felt so stupid actually trying to engage in a confersation with the three.
"Hiya there!" The tall one responded back with a little chuckle.
Kuira looked around. She never knew where she was... mabey they knew where they were.
"Um, do you by any chance know where we are?" She asked shyly.
The spikey haird one looked at her.
All of a sudden it was like a glitch, but she could've sworn the boys hair changed from brown to blonde in a split second.
"Yeah, Hollow Bastion." The brunette replied.
Kuira looked around and noticed a castle she didn't see before.
"By the way what is your name?"
The boy looked at her and responded, "Sora".
He began to glitch to a blonde agan, it was so weird for Kuira. And the glitching became so fast, his hair turned completly blonde. And hes clouths changed too. The blonde looked around and then down at the ground. And he whispered something softly, "Namine".
Everything went to black.
"Namine..... Sora......" It kept echoing through her head. All of a sudden an image popped up. It was these black creature like things. They were like black smoke, darkness. They had yellow eyes, she looked down and saw something in her hand. It was a blade. Kuira didn't know what to do, and all of a sudden the dark creatures pounced on her. She struggled but she couldn't get up. It was like darkness had covered over her. Everything was dark agan until she saw nothing but a white light. And then, everything became white and she could see or hear nothing.
Kuira opened her eyes. She could feel that she was sweating. She sat up, and looked around her dark room. Kuira just sat there and thought about that dream.
'I keep having these dreams and visions... I don't even know what they mean...' She looked down and sighed. For some reason she got a feeling to look outside her window. So she turned around and peeked through the blinds. A dark figure was moving around in her yard. It shifted through the large trees in an ever so mysterious way. It urged kuira to get out of her bed and go see what it is, so she did. She put on her clouths and brushed her hair and headed for her bedroom door.
'Mabey this thing has something to do with my dreams....' Kuira took nothing with her and walked out of her room and creeped past her parents room and down her stairs. She got to her ktitchen and unlocked the door. Kuira looked around as she grabbed the door nob, getting ready to open the door. She then opened the door and walked outside. The cool air hit her like a wall. She should have grabbed her coat, but she didnt care that much since she liked the cold. She looked around her yard and heard some leaves rustle on the left side. "Hello?" She said walking down her steps and onto the dark green grass.
"Come out of where your hiding!" She demanded strongly, Kuira never was a patient person.
The black figure walked out from the tree's shadow and into the moonlight. She couldn't see the figures face, but she could tell it was a guy. He was wearing a black coat with a hood. "What do you want?" She asked anoyingly. The person took down his hood and smiled. He had spikey silver hair and his eyes were a dark red, they were almost hypnotizing.
"As unsettling as it sounds, I came here for you."
Kuira's eyes widened. But she shook her head and regained her cool.
She folded her arms. "And what possibly do you want from me?" She asked slyly.
"Well, I was ordered to kidnap you from your world... Now do you want to go the easy way, or the hard way?"
The word 'world' captured Kuira's attention.
'What does he mean by that?'
Every urge in her body wanted to go. Kuira loves adventure and can't live without it. But she had rather not, she didn't know the guy.
"No thank you." Kuira headed back up the steps until she felt a hand on her arm that jerked her back. Kuira landed in the boys arms. "I guess you choose the hard way." He grinned and with a wave of his hand a dark portal appeared. Kuira awed at the mysterious object. The boy then took Kuira's hand and lead her into the portal. Soon enough they vanished, and so did the dark passageway.

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