He's my best friend! ( A George Weasley Love Story )

Name : Kayla Johnson
Age : 16
Appearance : Light Brown hair with short lairs. Has a side bang and hazel colored eyes.
Blood Status : Pure blood, sees no difference in blood type.
About myself : Really outgoing, a prankster, funny, brave and adventures, very loyal to friends.
Enemies : No one really, gets along with Draco ( Shocker ) , Family has been good friends for so long.
house : Griffindor, duh!


Chapter 2

The Burrow!

'Come on Kay, time to get up,' called a gentle voice into my ear. I turned over and opened my eyes. I was going to the burrow today! I jumped out of bed and ran to the shower. I heard my mother silently laugh to herself as she walked out of my room. When I came out of the shower I got changed into skinny Jeans, a tank top and a hoodie which had "The Cannons" written in bold writing on the front. I threw on my convers and grabbed my suitcase. 'Okay, I know you can't wait to see Fred and George, but have your breakfast first dear,' said my father as I ran into the kitchen. I chuckled to myself and put on some toast. I grabbed a cup and made tea to accompany it. I decided to eat slowly, I didn't need to rush- who was I kidding? I ate my food as fast I could and gulped down my tea. 'Don't complain if you feel sick after we apporate there!' snapped my mother as I took hold of her wrist. 'I won't,' I promised as that horrible feeling came over me, before I touched the ground. 'Are you coming in?' I asked my mother who stood there catching her breath. 'Yes hun,' replied my mother standing up straight and following me to the door. I knocked three times before I got an answer.It was Ron who stood at the door. 'Come on Ron, I've known you five years and I get no hug?' I said pretending to be sad. He laughed and pulled me into a big hug. I pulled away and saw two red haired boys running over to me, they tackled me to the ground and I laughed helplessly as I pushed them off of me. 'Oh man, I've missed you guys so much,' I said as we did a group hug. 'Well, Kayla I'm going to go. Be good you hear me?' My mother warned as the boys grinned evilly. I nodded and hugged her goodbye. 'Ya, like you could stay out of trouble for a week,' exclaimed Fred as my mother closed the door behind her. 'I know right? ah but school wouldn't be fun with me!' I said cheekily to the boys. 'ha, guess what? Ron has a girlfriend!' said George trying not to laugh. I looked at Ron who blushed. 'Ya, you know Abi Brookes in my year?' asked Ron, I nodded and hugged him again. 'Congratulations!' I said pulling away from him, he just smiled. 'She'll be coming over here next week,' he said walking to the kitchen. 'Cool,' I replied. 'You trying out for quidditch this year?' asked George. I decided to play a trick on them. I shook my head. 'No, need to focus on my N.E.W.T.S, didn't do too well on my O.W.L's.' I said making me sound depressed. They both looked at me like I was mad! I was one of the chasers, and I was actually really good! 'Calm down, of coarse I'm trying out for the team,' I said and they're faces lit up once more. 'Oh , we nearly had heart failure!' They both said in unison. I laughed and I decided to put my bags up in Ginny's room, where I would be staying for the rest of the summer!! It was going to be so much fun!

To Be Continued? Comment and Rate, please and Thank You!

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