He's my best friend! ( A George Weasley Love Story )

Name : Kayla Johnson
Age : 16
Appearance : Light Brown hair with short lairs. Has a side bang and hazel colored eyes.
Blood Status : Pure blood, sees no difference in blood type.
About myself : Really outgoing, a prankster, funny, brave and adventures, very loyal to friends.
Enemies : No one really, gets along with Draco ( Shocker ) , Family has been good friends for so long.
house : Griffindor, duh!


Chapter 1

Back to the Burrow.

'Mom, do I have to go to dinner with you and the Malfoy's?' I asked as I slipped on my high heels. 'Yes, now come on, your dads waiting outside, were apperating,' she said as we walked towards our front door. 'Kind of guessed that part,' I muttered under my breath. 'Mom, don't forget to call me early tomorrow, I'm going to Fred and George's house,' I said as we took hold of my father's hands. 'Ready?' asked my dad. Me and my mother both nodded and we were soon outside the Malfoy after minutes of feeling like we were been squeezed through a plastic tube. I let out a long sigh of release as my feet touched the ground safely. 'That feeling never gets old,' said my dad clutching his chest and walking us up the lane to the front door. The sound of my dad thumping his hand on the door echoed around us as we waited in the silence. The door opened and we were greeted by a man, no older then my dad, - mid thirties - he had long silver hair which barely past his shoulders and grey eyes which reminded me of death. I didn't hate the Malfoy's, they were nice to me, I hated what they did for a living. They're son Draco was a year behind me, in Slytherin though so we didn't talk too much in school. 'Michael, Linda, welcome, I see you brought along Kayla,' said Lucius letting us pass him and enter into his mansion. The hallway was cold, brick walls all around, a marble floor with a red rug which led off into every room I could see. 'I must say, it is splendid we get to see you again, it has been too long,' my mother implied to a women walking down the hall to greet us. The women was no taller then me and had, also, stunningly white-blond hair, she had a bony feature along her face and it suited her body well. She kissed my mother on both cheeks, like you might see them do in a movie, before they began to talk. 'I'll go find Draco,' I said trying to leave the room as soon as I could. I walked down to the last room on the right and knocked loud enough that Draco would hear if he was in there, luckily for me he was so that I wouldn't have to be stuck between the talking of all four adults. 'Who is it,' came a voice from inside the room belonging to Draco Malfoy. 'Your best-friend!' I said, I heard him chuckle from the other side, 'You'll have to help me out a little more,' he teased. I decided to play along with his goofy act. 'Hm, she's your favorite Griffindor ever!' I called over to him. 'Oh, come in Potter,' he said practically laughing his head off as he said this. 'Only joking,' he composed his manner and opened the door for me. I greeted him with a big hug, which was returned. Malfoy was like a brother to me, even though my mother said it was so long, me and Malfoy see each other like every-second day. 'Ah, Ms Johnson, it has been too long,' Malfoy joked pretending to sound posh. 'Indeed my good fellow, it has!' I replied with the same accent. We laughed for a moment before stopping. 'So, when are you going to Diagon-Alley to get your stuff?' I asked Draco lying down on his bed. He shrugged,'M'not sure, you?' He asked sitting on a chair in the corner of the room. 'Well, I'm going to Fred and George's house tomorrow, and Mrs. Weasley is taking me on Saturday to get a few stuff,' I replied sitting up and playing with my bag. I saw Malfoy looking at me in disgust. 'Why would you even bother with them?' He sneered, It's very rarely I see him laugh or smile like he did awhile ago. 'Because there nice to me, and they're my best-friends, oh and my pranking buddies!' I winked at Draco and he smirked at this. 'Yeah, so I heard,' he replied sitting back in his chair crossing his arms. I rolled my eyes. 'Draco, Kayla! Time for Dinner,' I heard Draco's mother, Cissy, - nickname we call her, real name Nacissa - call us. Draco and I got up and walked down the darkened hallway to the kitchen, a room which was filled with light and happiness. About the only one in the Malfoy family. 'And that's why you should be promoted!' said my father gleefully to Lucius on the opposite side of me. We all laughed as my father finished his ridiculous story. Not being mean, but Lucius didn't deserve anything, he was a death-eater! If my father actually believed what He, himself just said, clearly I was born into the wrong family. 'Oh dear, look at the time,' my mother said as she and Cissy cleaned the last of the plates. 'We'd better go soon, We have to get Kayla up early.' My father agreed with her and we were soon leaving the Malfoy manor. I took my father's hand once more and we were once again at my own house. 'Go get your stuff ready Kayla, we'll be leaving early,' called my mother as I ran up the stairs. I grabbed my clothes and placed them neatly into my suitcase along with my make-up and hair stuff. This took me well over an hour and I was exhausted when I finally finished. I got changed into my pajamas and crawled into bed, I soon drifted into a deep sleep. Tomorrow I was going back to the Burrow! I couldn't wait, I had thoughts of all the pranks we could pull this year, but I knew myself I would soon forget these in the morning.....

To Be Continued ? This is my story which I held the contest for, so the winners will be in it on the hogwarts express !! :D

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