I will write you a song :)

So i am reallly pissed of lyke with life at the moment. Really just don't want all the hassle of it. It's likkee everyone thinks they own me. Well ya don't. Everyone thinks there better than me. Well ya ain't. So expression of it all down into what i love song writing so i wrote a song.

So just picture my acoustic guitar playing with a light beat and this song.... :)

Chapter 1

Confused mess of emotions and words

You may just look at me
And see apathy
For society
But you're judging me

Well is that right?
Cause i'm think different thoughts
With different insights
Cause i am up for a fight.

For what i believe
But i will always be wrong
Cause you're always right all along
Everything i do you constantly misconceive.

I'm out of this home
Out of this town
I will never been found
Cause i don't want you around

All you do is criticise
I'm always out to late
Cause i was on a date
Well weren't you ever this young

Did you never have fun
I know i am out for pleasure
But i treasure the leisure
Will this ever end cause i'm totally done.

I've lost the fight
Do i want to go on
Unless you are gone
Cause situations ignite

With you on there side
Problems arise
And the joy dies
Cause all i do is defy

I am not a kid
Like you want to think
Just give me a drink
And i will show you what i hid

From you so you're not cross
Cause i'm fed up of the duel
I don't want to fuel
The argument were you think you're the boss

Cause i don't wan't to patronised
I don't want to hear you scream
From this oppressive regime
I want all this stabilised

I'm not going to lie
I love you a lot
I wish this was gone
Wanna be better for you

Cause you really amazing
To me and the other
You really love us
I know i'm hell raising

So what i am saying is sorry
For doing bad things
And all the shite that it brings
Please never worry.


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