"Write A Story! (A Contest Run By Me)" Contestants Must Read


Chapter 1


Okay, so here's the deal.

Winner: The winner can write a story with me about anything they choose, as long as I've read/seen/have an idea what it is. I know nothing about Anime. If you have won and don't want to do a story with me, we will probably be able to come up with an alternative.

You must write a story about anything you want, though if you are planning to win, you might not want to write a story about anime. (I know nothing about it, sorry guys). The story must be started after April 23rd, 2011. You have until the deadline of June 30th, 2011 to finish it. It can not be entered in multiple contests and must be at least five chapters long. It must have characteristics of a story (plot, characters, setting) and may be whatever idea you would like. There is no maximum length of the story set. But, If you have copied ideas/writng from another story/user, you become disqualified.

Things I know nothing about:
-The Hunger Games
-39 Clues
-Justin Beiber
-Christian Beadles
(And I don't know very much about Percy Jackson and the Olympians, but I have seen the movie and read the first book.)

Things I love:
-Harry Potter
-Vampires (Vampire Academy, House of Night, Night World, Twilight, Etc.)
-L.J. Smith
-The Outsiders (S.E. Hinton)

If you wish to participate, please let me know in the comments. You will also have to make sure I am aware that you have posted it, otherwise I may not read it.

Thank You!
~Samantha Bellamy

PLEASE NOTE: As we continue, people will become 'Out'. That way the top two (or whatever number I choose) people will be competing for a win at the end.

(If you don't like that Idea please let me know)



The contest has ended, and I would like to thank everyone for participating! Every story I had read in the making of this contest was amazing, and I do wish all of you could win.

Please note that the winner of this contest was not picked because I know them better, or I like them better, or they are more of my friend. The stories were judged on the interest level, the climax level, the character level, and how good of a general author they were. Everyone met these expectations greatly, but one person not only exceeded them, but went beyond them.

Now I know out of the many of you that signed up, only one will win. Please don't feel bad or think you can't write, because all you guys have fanastic ability and potential! And I'm not just saying that; it's true.

And the winner is......... (Scroll Down, I had to make this intense)

PotionsMaster with 'Of Bats and Wolves'! :)
Now earlier in the contest I didn't really establish a prize, and since we are already writing a story together I'm kind of stuck for ideas. :P What would you like? :P


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