Bad Romance: A Glee Love Story

A story about Finn's twin sister Lexa Rose Hudson. She loves fashion. She has blue eyes, but brown hair like her brother. I will say it now, her love isn't Puck, but her love will change her forever. And if it seems unlikely because of the show itself, it is just a made up story. Plus I think it is creative and a twist on a typical glee love story, which there seems to be many of. Comment if I should write more. It will have some similarities to the show, but it is my story and how I want it.

Chapter 3

I Didn't See That Coming, Part 2; New Members and The First Assignment.

"Duets! Now can anyone tell me what a duet is?" Mr. Shue. "A performance by two people and in this case two singers." I said. "Right Lexa. Now..." "Mr. Shue there is already a small flaw in your assignment, there is only seven of us, so how can we possibly do duets." Rachel said. Actually, for once Rachel was right about something.

"I have the answer, three new members." some blonde hair girl said as she walked in with two other girls, they all were wearing Cheerios uniforms."Quinn, what are you doing here." Finn asked. So this was Quinn, she looked even more lovely in person, and she is with my brother, nice. "I just wanted to be with you silly." Quinn replied. "No seriously why are you here, Coach Sue sent you three here." Rachel asked.

Okay that was a little harsh talking to Quinn about why she was here. I mean she is technically my brother's girlfriend and if brings them closer, who am I to judge. Now the other two girls are another story, I believe the other blonde was named Brittany and the tan skinned girl and black haired girl was named Santana. I just hope all three can sing, other than I really don't care.

"Shall we demonstrate our talents Mr. Shue." Quinn asked. "You three have the floor." Mr.Shue told them. They performed I Say a Little Prayer by Dionne Warwick. The three of them were good, and they will be great with some time.

"You are seriously going to let them in, their notes were sharp and they would only do more harm than good." Rachel protested. I could tell the rest of the club was already tired of Rachel, talented or not. "Rachel, we need at least twelve members for sectionals and regionals, and Quinn, Santana, and Brittany will help be that much closer. Plus I like a little variety and competition for solos." I pointed out. I could tell by Quinn's face she was happy I gave her a chance.

"Then it is settled, welcome ladies have a seat and welcome to New Directions." Mr. Shue said. Everyone was clapping for them, except for Rachel. The three of them took the seats behind Kurt and me. I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder, sure enough it was Quinn.

"Thanks Lexa, this will totally help me and Finn out." Quinn said to me. No problem, I thought that just means I have to share him, great. What have done. "You are way too cool to be Finn's twin sister. Hey you want to join the Cheerios, it will make you popular." Satana said with what looked a smile, but it was hard to tell if it was genuine or not. "Being popular is overrated, especially if it changes who I am, but thank you anyway." That and I am not too athletic. "If you are Finn's twin, how come you aren't a guy. Weird." Brittany commented. "Being a twin just means you were both born at the same time, well almost; but you don't nessarily have to be the samehave to look alike or be the same gender." "It's still weird" Brittany commented.

"All right now that we have an even number of members, now for this week's assignment. You will each pair off and sing a duet. The performances will be this Friday, so make sure your ready." Mr. Shue said. "Mr. Shue this may sound stupid, but could it be any song?" I asked. I just asked in case I got paired with Kurt we might have to avoid a romantic song. "Good question and yes, so long as you both perform." "What do the winners get?" Satana interrupted. "Yeah Mr. Shue, t-t-tell us." Tina chimed in. The winners will get a free dinner for two to Breadstix."

Sweet I thought. Now all I need is a good partner, which is anyone but Rachel. However Finn or Kurt are my prime choices. Then again Kurt is nice, but I think Finn will be the best choice since we the time to bond, and I have a possible Bon Jovi number we can do.

"I pick Quinn." I heard Finn say. "So much for bonding." I said. "Too easy, you each will pick a name out of this hat and who you pick will be your partner. Quinn, you are first." Mr. Shue said as he put all our names into the top hat.

Quinn got up and picked out a name. "Mercedes." This should be interesting I thought, and I may get lucky. "Alright Artie your next. "Mr. Shue called out. Artie wheeled over to the hat and pick out Tina's name. A good pairing I thought. Santana got up next. She took a name and she smiled. "Brittany." she called up. I heard Brittany clapping behind me, excited that they were partners.

Finn was next, and I was now hoping he would get Rachel since well I just didn't want to work with her, or have Kurt work with her ether. "Rachel." he called out. I could see the lights in Rachel's eyes burning brightly, lucky her. "And I guess we're together on this Kurt." I said to him with a smile. "I couldn't have asked for ask for a better partner." So sweet, and I was confident we will ace this assignment. "Now then let's practice for sectionals."

When Glee club ended, Finn came up to me. "Sorry for what I said. Of course I would have want you as a partner as well." "Chill out Finn, I understand why, plus I got my first choice anyway." "Seriously Lexa." Finn said. I apparently said the wrong thing, but I didn't care. "Lexa." Kurt called out. "Yeah Kurt." "You want to hang at my place this afternoon? We can do our hw and work on our Glee assignment." Let see going home with Finn or hang with Kurt, no brainier. "I would love to Kurt. Finn, can you tell mom I will be back before the lights go down, please?" He was giving me his "why don't you tell her yourself" face, but he said, "Sure Lex." "Let's roll Kurt."

We both got to Kurt's car. "Mind if I drive this baby tomorrow Kurt." "Sure, but for now leave the driving to me."

We arrived at Kurt's house in 15 minutes. "Want me to show you around?' he asked. "Sure." He showed me where his dad worked, the living room, the kitchen, the bathrooms, and lastly his room. Let me put it this way on describing Kurt's room, I wouldn't want to leave it was so gorgeous. The decor was very lovely. "Your room is beautiful Kurt and it matches your skin tone well." Man I sounded lame. "Thanks. I try and I designed the room design myself."

"Right I say we do the regular assignments before we pick our music number for glee club." I said as I tried to get comfortable. 'That's what I was thinking." By the time we finished our hw, it was five o'clock.

Then we both heard someone coming down the stairs. "I'm guessing your dad's home Kurt." I was right and Kurt's dad came down. "Hi dad." Kurt said trying to look calm. "Hey son. Who's the girl." "I'm Lexa, a friend from school and glee club. We were just doing hw and preparing a music number for Friday."

His father gave me a once over. The room was quiet. "You could calm down Lexa, any friend of Kurt's is welcome." "Thanks Mr. Hummel and you have a lovely home." I was saying anything to get on his good side. "Now are you just a friend or a girlfriend." That got me blushing. "We are just really good friends Mr. Hummel." "Oh well, you are still welcome here whenever you like. Just when you two are rehearsing, try to keep it down, my show is on and no funny business. You kids have fun." Mr. Hummel said as he walked back up stairs.

"So your dad is nice." "He is very important to me and I want to make him proud." "That's sweet and it sounds like me trying to make my mom proud. I do have one question before we begin." "Sure Lex, what is it." "Does you dad know, about well that your gay?' "No. I don't know if I tell him I don't know how he will take it." If he really loves you, he'll accept you, believe you me." "You think so; we better decide on our number." "It doesn't necessarily be a romantic song, so long as we both sing, right." "Yeah Lexa, so what are you thinking."

A lot of songs came into my head, but none were perfect for the two of us. What would impress Mr. Shue and everyone. "We could try a mash-up with the first artists that comes both our minds at the count of three." I suggested. "Anything is fine at this point." Kurt said. "One...Two...Three. Lady Gaga!" We both said.

"Bad Romance. It will be perfect for us and we can even get costumes for a full theatrical duet. What do you think." Kurt said. Singing Lady Gaga was one thing, but costumes as well. "Can we pull it off Kurt?" I asked. "I think no one else will do it." That's is true and it will be unique.

"Can you get a Lady Gaga outfit that will look nice on me and so I will be able to dance in." "Consider it done Lexa." Kurt really wanted to do this, but he has convinced me to. fter all, I do love Gaga and Kurt will be with me so what the hell, i'm in. "Well than our duet is going Gaga!"

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