Bad Romance: A Glee Love Story

A story about Finn's twin sister Lexa Rose Hudson. She loves fashion. She has blue eyes, but brown hair like her brother. I will say it now, her love isn't Puck, but her love will change her forever. And if it seems unlikely because of the show itself, it is just a made up story. Plus I think it is creative and a twist on a typical glee love story, which there seems to be many of. Comment if I should write more. It will have some similarities to the show, but it is my story and how I want it.

Chapter 2

I Didn't See That Coming, Part 1.

"Finn!!! Get out of the shower now! There are other people in this house you know!" As usual if I don't get up early, Finn ends up hogging the shower. It has been two weeks since my Glee club tryout, although Rachel and I never stop fighting over solos and she is threatening to quit the Glee club if a suitable guy doesn't come, otherwise Kurt and I have a real fun time chatting and discussing some neat fashion tips. Who cares if he is gay, we are great friends and it is a bond that cannot be broken.

Mercedes, Artie, and Tina are great pals too and we all even started to hang out together.Just last week we all went to see a movie. It was to have a family aside from Finn, speaking of which; he has been in the shower for over and half an hour.

"Finn! If you are not out in five minutes, I will pick open the lock and I will personally kick you out, hurry up in there!!" While I was waiting I heard him singing Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive. It was actually pretty good and I wonder if the only reason he didn't want to join Glee Club was because it would damage his popularity. What a waste of talent.

Finally the shower door open and I was able to have my shower. After my shower I slipped on my black ruffle top and a solid light pink skirt, with black ballet flats. My only accessories for the day were my white beret and pink bracelets on each arm.

I went in the kitchen, grabbed a banana, and I waited for Finn. "Finn, hurry up or we are going to be late!!" Just than my cell rang. "Lexa speaking, who's calling?' "You don't your caller id Lex, it's me Kurt." "What's up." "Well I am waiting outside for you if you want me to give you a lift." "Um one second Kurt."

"Finn!!!" "Um I going to be a little late, you can leave without me, k sis." I can tell from that Quinn was with him. "I'll be out soon Kurt, bye." I finished my banana and grabbed my bag. "Bye Finn! Bye Quinn!" "Bye Lexa." Both of them said. It must be nice to have someone to love, well I'm off.

Kurt was waiting for me with a nice black car. "There is no way that's your ride." I said while checking the car. "Yes it's mine, my dad got it for my sweet 16 after I agreed not to wear tailored sweaters that went up to knee." "But you are wearing a taylored sweater up to the knee." It looked nice thought, especially with his black beret." "What he doesn't know, won't hurt him, but you look nice Lexa, very stylish." "Same to you Kurt. Shall we get a move on." That was much better than walking with Finn and it got me to school in half the time.

"I really don't want to make a habit of this Kurt, but this so much better than waiting for Finn." "Relax Lexa, I will be more than willing to drive you to and home from school." "Thanks, we better get moving before the football team finds us, and I am not getting a slushie facial, not today especially in this outfit." Ever since joining the Glee Club, well let's just say I had to be very careful of what I wear, since the football is all "too kind" giving the glee members slushie facials and other bad pranks.

We managed to get to French without a hit from the team, score one for us. But if we are keeping score it is Glee Club 1-Football players 14. French was boring, I could hardly stay awake.

The bell rang and hopefully I would walk with my brother to math. True to form, Finn was waiting for me. "Later Kurt." "Later Lexa." I had to see what he had on, knowing my brother it would be basic. A white t shirt, blue jeans, and his football jacket. I guess some things will never change.

"Hey I missed you this morning." I said while giving my bro a hug. "Yeah sorry about that, I was with Quinn. I hope your walk went well" "I didn't walk Finn, Kurt drove me." Finn looked puzzled, more than usual. "You are sure he is gay right?" he asked. "Why?" "I am just looking after you sis. I care about you, you know and you and Kurt seem to be very close." He said putting his arm around me. It is nice to see he cares about me, but Kurt and I are really just good friends,sadly.

"Speaking of looking out, I heard you singing in the shower this morning; very nice. One thing I don't understand though is why you won't join Glee. It will give us time to bond and you'll have fun." "Look Lex, I see how the team treats you and the other glee kids, it will be hard for me to deal with that. Plus music is more your thing. I really don't want to talk about it"

I was not buying that lame excuse, he loves to sing, he just fears what his "friends" will think. "Fine bro do what you like then, I'm through trying to help you out. But what a waste of talent and I hope you start to see things my way soon, or else you won't ever see me much anymore. Ciao and walk to math your self."

I didn't even bother to talk to Finn. I even had the teacher move my seat so I could sit next to Artie. He is really smart and I think it will help me when it comes to geometry equations.

English didn't come fast enough. Any class with Kurt was way more fun than one without him. Even that however couldn't distract me from my thoughts. "What's wrong Lexa?' Kurt finally said. "Finn that is what is wrong. He is a good singer, but he is too scared to go audition for it. Such a waste too I mean if you heard him sing you would agree with me." "I guess we know who the brave and cool twin is, not to mention more fashionable." That made me smile, Kurt always knew what to say and that's what I love about him. "Thanks."

Glee Club practice:

"Today I have a very special announcement." Mr. Shue Said in high spirits. We in the choir room and it was not long before Mercedes said, "Is Rachel leaving?" Please I god I hope. "Nope. My road to stardom will not be derailed even if I don't have a leading man." Rachel said in her usual annoying. "Please get on with the news Mr. Shue." I finally said.

"I want you to welcome our newest member Finn Hudson." Mr. Shue said as Finn walked in choir room. What!?! Finn in Glee Club, what about all the things he said to me how glee wasn't his thing and about his friends, something isn't right.

"I thought you said Finn was not going to join the Glee Club." Kurt whispered. "I did, blackmail must be somehow involved. What, I didn't do anything Kurt." I don't know why Finn had a sudden change of heart, but I am kind of glad he changed his mind. "I'll let you all get acquainted before we begin." Mr. Shue said as he headed for the white board.

"Hey bro what are you doing here?" I said as I went up to see him. "Well I thought this will make you happy and I want to see you happy again, at least involving us." My old, sweet, caring brother is back. "The Hudson twins are going to rock on, right Finn?" I can tell my brother wasn't 100% about staying here, but it could strengthen our bond. "Yeah sure, whatever makes you happy sis."

I went back to sit next to Kurt. "See everything worked out. You have your brother and people who love you for who you are in glee." Kurt was right, I had almost everything, except one thing; love.

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