Bad Romance: A Glee Love Story

A story about Finn's twin sister Lexa Rose Hudson. She loves fashion. She has blue eyes, but brown hair like her brother. I will say it now, her love isn't Puck, but her love will change her forever. And if it seems unlikely because of the show itself, it is just a made up story. Plus I think it is creative and a twist on a typical glee love story, which there seems to be many of. Comment if I should write more. It will have some similarities to the show, but it is my story and how I want it.

Chapter 1

Chapter One: First Day, First Feelings and First Songs.

I woke up to the sounds of my brother pounding on my door. "Hurry up Lex, or we are going to be late!" I got up and put own my glasses, because by some twist of fate I have to wear glasses. But at least they have a cute purple frame and are transitions. I decided to wear my new Marc Jacobs purple dress, purple sandals, and my favorite purple scarf. Lastly I had to do my hair and put on my make up.

"Lexa get a move on!" "Calm down Finn! I will be out in a minute!" When I finally came out, my brother was waiting. He had such a bad sense in fashion. I mean a blue T-shirt with black jeans, an old pair of sneakers, and his "charming" football jacket. "That is what you are wearing Finn." "What's wrong with what I have on?" "One day I have to take you out shopping for some better duds, I mean how is that you have a girlfriend like Quinn with your taste in fashion." "Maybe it isn't all about the clothes Lex." "True, but boyish charms can only go so far; now should we get going. Bye mom. Finn and I are leaving." "You two have a good first day of school." I heard my mom call out."

We arrived at school and the rest of my brother’s football friends came to greet him. Aside from my brother, they are some of the meanest guys around and it didn't help that I was the quarterback's sister; I mean they always wanted to go out with me.

Speaking of which my brother's friend Puck came to see me. "Hey Lexa, how was your summer." "Cut to the chase Puckerman." "You want to date me." "The day I date you, will be when hell freezes over, the answer is no!" I glared at him, as if. I mean aside from being such a jerk, his fashion sense was worse than my brother's. Plus a mohawk, it was enough to send a bad shiver down my spine.

"Fine, but I know you want me." I heard someones cries coming from the dumpster. "Got to go babe, see you around." Babe, what does he think I'm his girl or will ever be his girl, he has another thing coming.

"Wait this jacket is from Mark Jacob's collection." That caught my ears. I went near the dumpsters to see what the ruckus was about. Sure enough it was the football team bullying another student, but he seemed to be different from what I have seen. He had brown hair neatly combed and baby blue eyes. He was wearing a nice pair of black slacks and from what I could see, a blue Mark Jacobs jacket.

"Wait" my brother said to his buddies. I thought he was actually defending the kid. The boy handed his bag to Puck and took off his jacket and gave it to Finn. "Okay." Finn said. Than the team threw him in the dumpster. I was appalled and ashamed to call him my brother. Once his buddies left, I couldn't help but yell at him.

"What the hell is wrong with you Finn! I mean I thought you would do the right thing and not go with them, but you let your buddies do this. I am ashamed that you are my brother." I said as I helped the kid out of the dumpster. "Lexa, if I don't go along with them, they will make fun of me and I may be in the dumpster with him." True, but that is no excuse to treat someone like that and to not see that this was wrong.

"It takes a real man to against his friends and the crowd to stand up with what is right, and I thought you were a real man." Finn looked remorseful, but I knew popularity meant so much more to him. "Lexa I..." "Just give me the jacket Finn, we will talk about this later. I am very disappointed in you." Great I sounded like mom, but apparently she is the only person Finn respects. Finn gave me the jacket and he went with his friends.

"I'm very sorry for my brother, he really should have really stood up to those guys." I said handed back his jacket. "I'm used to it and one day they will all work for me anyway." he said as put his jacket back on. He actually looked pretty cute and was funny, however something wasn't right. He seemed too perfect to be, well straight, but I couldn't help but to like him. "I'm Lexa by the way, Lexa Rose Hudson." "Kurt Hummel, nice to meet you." Kurt, nice name I thought, unique as my own name, poetic even.

"That is really a nice jacket, I can see why you wanted to take it off before going in the dumpster. It's a Mark Jacobs right." "I see you are a fan as well. That dress is absolutely gorgeous." "Thanks!" I felt heat coming from my cheeks. Was I blushing, I have to get it together; I mean what if he is gay than I will really be upset since he couldn't possibly be mine, right. "So what do you have now Kurt?" "French." "Me too why don't we walk there together then."

On the bullentin board near the French room, there was a sign up for the Glee Club called New Directions.

"Glee Club?" "It is a club where you get to sing and dance." Kurt told me. Singing, huh. My mom did say I have a good voice, but I wonder if was just saying that. Plus the more time away from Finn would be nice since joining the football team made him nuts, to me anyway. "You joining too Kurt, since I'm not going alone." We both signed our names on the sheet. "Great now we have to decide on our numbers to sing. I thinking of performing Mr. Cellophane, what about you. "I'm not sure yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something."

We both took our seats waiting for our teacher to arrive. When she did she already gave us an assignment. "Alright class today I want you to talk to the person next to you and ask what they did over the summer and if there is time, interview them on a personal level, in French. Go." Lucky for me Kurt was my partner and we can talk for the whole period.

We ended up learning about each other, summer vacation aside. He was the only son to Burt Hummel, who ran the local garage in town, his mother died when he was young, (very sad and I can relate since my dad died) and I found out his secret, well I kind of forced it out of him I should say and it sadly confirmed my initial feeling.

"So you're gay huh, well I kind of saw that coming. No straight dude clearly knows how to dress himself very well like you, my own brother is a clear example of straight guy who can't dress" "I'm glad you are taking it well but will you tell anyone?" he asked. Actually I was crushed, but I couldn't tell him that. Anyway I don't have any friends so I am cool that we are just friends. "I'm leaving that for you to disclose with other people, but I honestly don't care. It is what is on the inside, and you're a sweet guy. There is only one bad thing though." "What?" Kurt asked. "We may have some fights over some really hot guys that I have to prepare for." We both laughed.

The bell rang. "I'll see you in English Kurt, okay." "See you later Lexa."

As I was getting my things I saw my brother Finn. I rolled my eyes at him, since I wasn't over the whole letting his pals throwing Kurt in the dumpster bit. "What do you want Finn?' I asked in an annoyed tone. "I wanted to walk you to your next class." "Why?" "Well we both have math together next and well you are my sister. Look I'm sorry, I was clearly wrong but you have to understand why I didn't stop them. "

"What I understand is that my brother isn't a man, I mean Kurt is a nice guy and you shouldn't have let your pals do that." "I said I was sorry, but I guess popularity aside that shouldn't change me. Forgive me sis." He gave me his puppy eye look. It was hard for me to stay mad at him. "Fine on one condition though, you have to apologize to Kurt, k." "Alright I will, so are we cool sis." he said as he put his arm around me. "Yeah I guess."

"Sweet, so what you going to do after school." "Well I'm going to audition for Glee Club." "You in Glee Club." "Yeah, what's what wrong Finn?!" "You hit your head or something." he said as he put his hand on my forehead. "No Finn, Kurt and I thought it would be fun, plus you know I love music, it is like you and football." "Yeah only Glee club is going to destroy your reputation." "What as popular football player Finn's sister. It may actually make me feel something while I'm here." "I understand that, but I may not be able to defend you once my pals find out." "I don't need you or anyone with male body parts to defend me, I can take care of myself. Just let me be happy Finn, please. I tried so hard to make him feel bad and by the look on his face, I say I did. "Alright." I couldn't help but jump with joy and hug him. "Thanks bro!"

A few more classes went and it was lunch time. I found Kurt and sat next to him. "Hey Kurt, missed you." "Missed you too Lexa." Finn was just staring at us like we were freaks or something. I mean seriously we are friends, in fact that was the only good thing about him not defending him, we became friends from that.

"Come on Finn have a seat." I told him. He was hesitant, but he sat in the seat next to me. "Don't you have something to say to Kurt, Finn." "Huh, oh right. Kurt, I'm sorry I didn't stop my friends from throwing you in the dumpsters." I honestly thought he was going to say more, no wait it’s my brother I'm talking about and that was as good as it was going to get.

"No sweat, Lexa explained to me why you did it." "How did you.." "Kurt and I have the same English class which is after our math class and I told him then. Are you going to stay have lunch with us bro." Just than Puckerman came to our table. "What are you doing sitting with the girls here Finn, the others are waiting for you." That got me really angry, I mean what's with this guy, and can’t Finn hang with his own sister without the team hollering for him.

"First off Puck, in case you forgot in your small muscle brain of yours I'm his sister and family can sit together, as for calling Kurt a girl, don't you have any respect for anyone but yourself. Kurt is more of a gentleman than you will ever be and you wonder why I don't go out with a pig you."

Puck looked like he was going to punch me or something. "Want to take a shot at me Puck, I'm right here!" 'Lexa! Don't get him started!." Finn shouted. "Stay out of this Finn! So, what you going to do Puckerman!" He just glared at me, unsure what to do. "You are extremely lucky you a girl and Finn's sister. Finn let's go." Without a word Finn left, as if doing that wouldn't get me hurt.

"Ugh! It's like I don't even know my own brother anymore! The whole football team has freaking changed him." I couldn't help it but tears were coming into my eyes. I had lost a friend in my brother it seems. Yeah I do get extremely emotional when it comes to my family and my heart, so yeah I cry. Kurt gave me a hug. "It's okay, he'll come around and before you know it, he will be the loving brother he was before Puck and the others." "Thanks Kurt. If only I had more friends like you, I mean you are my only friend now it seems."

As soon as I said that, three people came up to our table. There was an Asian girl in Goth clothes, a boy with glasses and in a wheelchair, and a black girl with an excellent sense of style. "You m-m-mind if we s-s-sit here?" The Asian said. "I don't mind, there is plenty of room, right Kurt?" "Yeah have a seat." They took their seats.

"That real ballsy talking to Puck that way, I was sure he was going to hurt you or something. Oh I'm Artie before I forget." The boy in the wheelchair said. "Yeah h-h-he seemed r-r-really m-m-mad and I was s-s-scared for you. I'm T-T-Tina." "I'm Mercedes, and I'm guessing you're that guy Finn's sister." The black girl said. "Sadly yes. I'm Lexa Rose Hudson, and this is Kurt." "Nice to meet you all." Kurt said with a smile.

"I can't wait until this day is over, or at least until the Glee club auditions." I said while playing with my plate of food. "What a coincidence, we all signed up to join as well." Artie said. "Yeah it s-s-sounded like f-f-fun." Tina said. "I just don't know what to sing." It's true, I can't even think of the right song to sing for the glee audition, it is so discouraging. "Look girl, if you can stand up to Puck, you can find a song to sing your heart out and I know you will be great." Mercedes said.

"Yeah I mean a beautiful girl like you should have an even more beautiful voice and I will be there for you, Lexa." Kurt said to me. Just than I had thought of the perfect song, Jesse McCartney’s Because You Live and it seemed perfect for me, especially since it is close to my situation, well pretty close. I would just have to do a small change to the lyrics, other than that I found my song.

More classes passed and it was finally the Glee auditions. I had decided to go last. Mercedes was up first and she sang Respect by Aretha Franklin. I was blown away and it sounded as if Aretha herself was singing.

Kurt was up next and sang Mr. Cellophane. I had no idea he could sing that well, and he can reach very high notes. I was beginning to doubt why I had signed up since I thought everyone would be better than me.

Artie was next and he sang Billy Joel's A Matter of Trust. A brilliant performance, and I really mean it. Tina sang Katy Perry's I Kissed a Girl. I was surprised her stuttering didn't affect her singing at all.

Then a girl I didn’t know well was next. She had black hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a white headband, pink blouse with a white collar, a black skirt and white tennis shoes. "Hello my name is Rachel Berry and I will be singing On My Own from the Broadway classic Les Misérables." She seemed confident and I understood why when she began singing. Her voice was incredible and I had to go on next, I just hope I can hold my own.

"Very nice Rachel." Mr. Shue said. 'When are rehearsals?" Rachel asked. "They will start after the last singer sings." Mr. Shue replied. "Wait I thought I was the last singer." "Nope. A girl named Lexa Rose Hudson is."

She got off the stage, well stormed off I should say. "Alright Lexa your next." Deep breathes I thought deep breathes. I could see Mr. Shue and the other kids looking me. I felt so nervous. "What song will you be singing Lexa?' Mr. Shue asked. "Jesse McCartney’s Because You Live, but I am changing the girl parts to boy."

"Alright, whenever you are ready Lexa." Mr. Shue said. I handed the piano player the sheet music for the song and went in the center of the stage. The lights were blinding to say the least, and the nervous feeling only intensified. Then I remember a tip I have learned from my mother. It was to get over stage fright you just have to focus on one person. I managed to get my eyes on Kurt, my inspiration for the song. Okay I thought just pretend it is only him in the room. Than I began to sing.

Staring out at the rain with a heavy heart
It's the end of the world in my mind
Then your voice pulls me back like a wake up call
I've been looking for the answer
I couldn't see that it was right there
But now I know what I didn't know

Because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help
Because you live, boy
My world has twice as many stars in the sky

It's alright, I survived, I'm alive again
Cuz of you, made it through every storm
What is life, what's the use if you're killing time
I'm so glad I found an angel
Who was there when all my hopes fell
I wanna fly, looking in your eyes

Because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help
Because you live, boy
My world has twice as many stars in the sky
Because you live, I live

Because you live there's a reason why
I carry on when I lose the fight
I want to give what you've given me always

Because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help
Because you live, boy
My world has twice as many stars in the sky

Because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help
Because you live, boy
My world has everything I need to survive

Because you live, I live, I live

When I was down, everyone was cheering, including Kurt. Rachel looked stunned, but I guess she didn't count on me upstaging her. I mean there was a standing ovation. Was I that great, I guess I have found my calling in this school.

"So am I in Mr. Shue?" I asked. "After that performance yes welcome to Glee Club!" I jumped off the stage and ran to my new friends.

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