My funny bunny

Chapter 1

Bad news

I could feel the sweet summer air brushing against my face as i left my house to get into the car.Today was my big day.
Last month i was diagnosed with cancer and they had taken my tumor out... and now i was going to find out if it is coming back AGAIN.

My heart started beating as i reatched the hospital.
I sat in the waiting room with Mum.When we were called to go in i was forced to lie down on this hard bed while two nurses set about doing tests on me.
First there was this little yellow tablet that one of the nurses told me to swallow.After i had swallloweed it the other nurse got an ex-ray of my heart and lungs and then the two nurses studied it carefully.
Then my Mum get called over and i heard a doctor coming in the room.

'How's our little patient doing eh?' The doctor smiled.
He took another X-ray of my back and then left.
As soon as he closed the door i heard Mum automatically start crying.
'Oh,Oh no, my little baby how will she survive!?'
Mum had to be taken out of the room she was crying so badly.
When she finnaly came back her face was tear stained and she had a sore throat. Then she came up close to me and whispered:
'It's bad news dear and burst out crying again.


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