who's that guy ( cedric diggory story)

who's that guy ( cedric diggory story)

Name: Rebecca Swan ( Becky as her friends call her)
She is in the third year at hogwarts and is very good friends with Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasly (Ron for short)
She has green eyes and is pretty she has brown long hair and a curvy figure
She is very smart and dresses casually
Other information
she used to go out with a popular boy named troy but he ended up cheating on her now she is too scared to get closed to anyone in case she ends up in that situation again

Chapter 3


Becky's p.o.v
As i was falling i thought great going to embarrass myself but Cedric caught me. As i had ran out Hermione, Harry and Ron were waiting for me. As we were walking Harry shook me "Earth to Becky." he said. I looked at him and said "huh." They all laughed. We got into a carriage and Hermione was studying my face "What's with you?" she asked. "Nothing." i replied and then we arrived. I ran up to the common room to avoid any further questions. I put my stuff away and got changed into my robes and made my way down to the feast. I sat at the end Ravenclaw table with Luna. I was staring at my food when Cedric started making his way towards me. There was a lot of chatter and then a few gasps i turned to face him and he said "You dropped this." he handed me my book. I blushed a little and said "Thanks." He nodded and walked away. Everyones eyes were on me and i hated it. Damn you Cedric! I thought to myself and carried on looking at my food. After we had been dismissed i made my way to the common room where endless questions were being asked. "Whats with you and Cedric?" "Are you dating?" "How long have you been dating?" "urrrrrghhhhh!" i sighed and went to go up to my dorm where Cho was blocking the way.(Me and Cho had never gotten on and she had a massive crush on Cedric.) "Becky." Cho said "Cho." I replied she looked daggers at me and then said "Whats with the boyfriend stealing thing? because i dont think Cedric would date a loser like you." I smiled at her and then said "First of all honey i think you have your point of view wrong as you and Cedric aren't dating and i dont date people who are as pathetic as you.So are you going to move or do i have to move your tarty bottom out of the way?" All around me people were laughing and jeering me on. Cho looked shocked and then moved out of the way i ran upstairs and got into bed. I fell into restless sleep.

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