who's that guy ( cedric diggory story)

who's that guy ( cedric diggory story)

Name: Rebecca Swan ( Becky as her friends call her)
She is in the third year at hogwarts and is very good friends with Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasly (Ron for short)
She has green eyes and is pretty she has brown long hair and a curvy figure
She is very smart and dresses casually
Other information
she used to go out with a popular boy named troy but he ended up cheating on her now she is too scared to get closed to anyone in case she ends up in that situation again

Chapter 2


Cedric p.o.v
As i was trying to make my way up the train loads of girls were pushing against me i had learned not to fight it just let it go. I noticed a girl who was with three other people. She wasn't staring at me or making her way up and down the walk way to get a good look. As i made my way towards her I heard a bit of their conversation Harry said " So much for feeling sorry for him he is smiling." That's when i realized they were talking about me as they walked away i thought to myself oh no she must think im a jerk. I walked up and down the walkway looking for her when i heard a peculiar conversation. The girl said " Ron guys like Cedric are trouble .." I thought i couldn't be that bad to her could I. After a while i noticed a compartment with only one person in so i opened the door to see the girl i put my stuff up and sat opposite her she didn't look up just kept reading her book. We sat in silence for a bit and then i plucked up the courage to say "Hello i would like to introduce myself i am Cedric Diggory"She looked at me her eyes were distant and sad but the colour was amazing. "Becky." she said as she turned back to her book. A few more minutes passed in silence when i cleared my throat. " yes?" She said her voice was soft and sweet. "have i done something to offend you?" i asked. She closed her book and placed it besides her and said "No Cedric but your type has." "My type?" i repeated as a confused look spread across my face. She sighed and said "Yes Cedric your type the popular type, you act like your everything but your nothing but trouble and you hurt people like me for fun, and you just simply .... annoy me." I was shocked and managed to stutter out an "oh." The rest of the journey was in silence. I was just about to say something when she got up the train came to a stop and she started falling towards the floor. I caught her and she blushed bright red "Thanks." She whispered as she grabbed her stuff literally ran out of the compartment leaving a book behind. I picked it up and thought i better give this back to her next time i see her.

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