who's that guy ( cedric diggory story)

who's that guy ( cedric diggory story)

Name: Rebecca Swan ( Becky as her friends call her)
She is in the third year at hogwarts and is very good friends with Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasly (Ron for short)
She has green eyes and is pretty she has brown long hair and a curvy figure
She is very smart and dresses casually
Other information
she used to go out with a popular boy named troy but he ended up cheating on her now she is too scared to get closed to anyone in case she ends up in that situation again

Chapter 1

first sights

I was sitting on the train waiting for my friends when i noticed a big group of girls at the end looking at something. I started walking towards them when i saw my friends. "Harry,Ron,Hermione" I shouted. They made their way towards me and then i said " I wonder what they are looking at." Hermione faced me and said "Probably Cedric Diggory he is really popular and loads of girls like him." Harry and Ron rolled their eyes and then i said "oh i feel sorry for the guy he must have loads of attention." As i had finished my sentence Cedric was making his way towards us smiling "So much for feeling sorry for him he is smiling." Harry said. I shrugged my shoulders and we all walked to our compartment I pulled out a book and started reading. Ron was obsessing over the way that Cedric got all the attention of the girls and this was starting to annoy me. I sat up and said "Ron guys like Cedric are trouble and are never happy with what they have they have an ego big enough for everybody." Harry let out a little giggle and Ron moved on. Harry and Ron had gone to see something Seamus had brought and Hermione was talking to Ginny. I was reading my book when someone came into the compartment just somebody who couldn't find a space i thought and carried on reading my book.

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