There's Only One You (a Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley Love Story)

hey! here's just a story that i love! it was fun writing it! i LOVE Hermione and Ron. and i wanted to make a story about how there fell in love!

Chapter 6

The Fight of Grayback

Hermione opened her eyes. She was sweating like crazy.
It was a dream. Hermione thought. She heard feet steps coming down the stairs.
"Hermione! Are you okay?" She heard Ginny's voice say. "I heard you screaming" They was more foot steps. Ginny and Ron came running to the couch were she lay.
"Hermione, what happened?" Ron said. Hermione looked into his eyes. They had a panicked look in them.
"Bad dream." Hermione said hyperventilating.
"Sounded like a night mare." Said Ginny. "Are you okay."
"I don't know." Said Hermione. She thought back to the dream. Lupin... Walking a dog... Hermione thought. In front of my parents house... Thoughts of Hermione's dad filled her head.
"Hermione what happened. What was the dream about?" Ron said taking Hermione's hand. "You can tell us."
Ginny smiled and looked at Ron's hand holding Hermione's. Hermione told then all about the dream.
"Lupin!?" Said Ginny and Ron together.
"What does Lupin have to do with this?" Ginny asked.
"If i know, i would tell you." Hermione said. "Well I was at my mom and dad's house, and Lupin went inside there was a scream, and he ran out. Do you think..."
"Hermione," Ron said holding her and titer. "Lupin's dead."
"I know..." Hermione said. "But you know."
"GRAYBACK!" Ginny said loudly.
"What!?" Ron and Hermione said together.
"Hermione, tell me what did the dog Lupin was walking look like again?" Said Ginny.
"Well," said Hermione, "It was big and... Well kinda like a wolf and--"
"See!" Ginny shouted. "It was Grayback!"
"Ginny, it could be any ware wolf in the world!" Ron said.
"Well thats the only other ware wolf I know the name of!" Ginny said angry. "And I'm sorry that I think the most evilest ware wolf in the world, at lest i know of. But thats besides the point, would want to kill the parents of one of the people that helped kill Voldemort! I--"
"Okay! Okay!" Hermione stopped Ginny before she could say any thing else. "Please, you too fight like cats and dogs!"
"Sorry." Ron said. "I know this is a heard night for you. I'm sorry."
"Oh Hermione, I'm sorry." Ginny said looking down.
"Please. Just don't talk about it." Hermione said.
"Sorry." Ron and Ginny said quickly.
"Now i thing Ginny might be right about Grayback." said Hermione. "I remember he saying something to me at the Malfoy house about getting my parents if he couldn't get me..." Hermione looked out window thoughtful. Then her eyes got wide and she put her hand over her hands to her mouth.
"What?" Ron asked Hermione. But just stared at the window. "Hermione." Ron said a little louder. Hermione just stared. He let go of her hand and waved his hand in front of her eyes.
"G-G-Graybakc!" Hermione pointed at the window. Ginny and Ron looked at the window. There was the ware wolf, Grayback, staring into the house. When they all looked he started to walk to the door. Hermione, Ginny and Ron all pulled out they wands.
"I'll get mom and dad." Ginny said and ran off upstairs.
"Will he be able to get in?" Hermione said looking panicked.
"I don't know." said Ron. "But I'd be ready for a fight." Hermione nodded.
"I'm ready." Hermione said taking a deep breath. There was foot steps ponding down the stairs.
"This way." Ginny's voice said. Ginny, Mrs. Weasley and Mr. Weasley came into the room. At the same time, there was a loud BANG! And Grayback came running into the house followed by two Death Eaters. Malfoy and someone that none of them has ever seen.
"I am here tonight for Mr. Ronald Weasley, Miss. Hermione Granger and Miss. Ginny Weasley. And if I kill any more, better for me. Now come to me the 3 of you. Come to you fate." Grayback said looking at Ron, Hermione and Ginny.
"We will fight." Hermione said trying to sound brave.
"THEN FIGHT!" Grayback screamed. All at once there was a burst of spells. Every started running all over the house. Hermione was going at Malfoy, Ron had the unknown Death Eater, and Ginny was trying it at Grayback. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley where sending spells at all 3 of the Death Ethers. Ron, Hermione and Ginny were all losing. They all ran. Every were you looked a spell hit something. It was loud.
Ron, Hermione and Ginny where still running. Ron pulled Hermione into a empty hallway.
"Hermione, this might be the last night I see you adn you see me." Ron said. "But I will never forget you, Hermione. Never. Please remember me too." Ron pulled Hermione into a hug and they started kissing. Thing around they where blowing up, but nothing matter then. When they broke apart, witch seemed like a lifetime, they heard Ginny's voice screaming for help. Ron and Hermione run at the sound of her voice.
"Ginny!" Hermione shouted. They heard her voice again.
"Hermione!! Ron!! Help me! Help!"
"Ginny!!" Hermione shouted again. She and Ron found her at last.
"NO! GINNY!" Hermione screamed. Ginny was on the ground with a gash going all the way down her arm. She lay no moving at all.
"Ginny don't be--" Hermione said but broke off. She looked up and screamed again. What she saw was awful.
No! Hermione thought.

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