There's Only One You (a Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley Love Story)

hey! here's just a story that i love! it was fun writing it! i LOVE Hermione and Ron. and i wanted to make a story about how there fell in love!

Chapter 5

The Dream

"night Hermione" said Ron hugging her. "i'm so sorry."
"thanks. see you tomorrow." said Hermione her eyes filled with tears.
"oh yeah," Ron said "here." he handed her a heart shaped locket. It was the one her mom gave her.
"oh Ron!" Hermione said hugging him again. "where ever did you find it?"
"it was on the floor at your parents house." he said.
"thank you!" she said. "can you put it on for me?" she turned around and pulled her hair to the side. Ron put the locket around her neck and locked it in the back.
"thanks" Hermione said. "night"
"night" Ron said. she smiled and walked off to Ginny's room. Ron stared after her. he really did love Hermione. he thought back to first year, when he thought Hermione was the most annoying know-it-all. now that had all changed. he loved her. he really did.
when Hermione reached Ginny's room, the door opened and Ginny came out.
"Hermione!" said Ginny running to hug Hermione. "oh i herded about what happened!" the two girls talked for a long time. after a long wile Ginny looked at the clock.
"oh no!" she said. it's "12:00!" she said.
"it's okay. i'm not tired. are you? if you aren't i want to stay up for a bit longer. i don't really want to go to bed." said Hermione. "i need to keep my mind on other thing besides..."
"i know. i'm not tired. we can stay up." Ginny said smiling. "so. i thinks there's something going on between you and my brother. Ron talks about you a lot."
Hermione blushed. "well... ummm... well i think that's something going on between you Harry."
Ginny went red in the face. "no. why would you think that..." she said still getting redder.
"i don't. just saying." Hermione said.
Ginny looked at Hermione. "Hermione really. is there something going on between you and Ron? i'm not kidding."
Hermione looked any were but at Ginny. "yes." she said quietly. "i..." Hermione just couldn't bring her self the say 'i love him'.
"yes, you..." Ginny said just waiting for what Hermione might say.
"nothing." Hermione said looking away. "nothing."
"no it's not nothing." Ginny said. "look. i just want to know. i get the feeling you need to tell someone."
"only if you tell me what's going on between you and Harry." Hermione said smiling now.
Ginny sighed. "fine. you first."
"no, no, no. i say you go first or i go not a all." Hermione told her.
"okay." Ginny said taking a deep breath. "now me and Harry. i don't really know what's going on in his mind, but haft the Battle of Hogwarts, we kinda seemed to get back together. but i don't know."
"i do." Hermione said.
"what do you mean?" Ginny said looking at Hermione.
"you should hear him talk about you..." Hermione said smiling. "he was telling me that he wasn't sure that what was going on in your mind, but he really wants to think that your together."
"really?" said Ginny. "oh i need to talk to him!" Hermione smiled. "okay, okay, your turn," Ginny said.
"okay. well, as you know he went to my mom and dad's house with me and all..." Hermione told Ginny all that was said and what happened. she ever told her about how she told Ron that he loved him. it kinda just slipped out. she didn't really mean to, but she couldn't help it. she need to tell someone everything that was happening. and Ginny was that person. when Hermione finished, she saw Ginny grinning.
"he talks about you ALL the time." Ginny said, "i think he really does love you. he get 'the look' in his eyes' when he talks about you..."
"what's 'the look'?" Hermione asked Ginny.
"well you that look of 'oh Hermione. i really wish she was here, i just love her..' you know like that kinda thing."
Hermione giggled. when she thought about it, he did get a look in his eye when he would talked to her.
"do you want to go to bed now?" Hermione asked.
"okay. i'm really tired now." Ginny said.
Just as Hermione put her head on her pillow, images of her father rushed into her head. Her eyes filled with tears. She opened her eyes and tears dropped onto her pillow. Soon there was a small wet spot on her pillow under her eyes. She con't ever thank about anything else but her but. It was awful.
That night, Hermione couldn't get to sleep. She got up and stared walking around the room. She was kinda awake, but she wasn't. Hermione didn't really know what she was doing. She started walking downstairs. Hermione walked around the house. Then she lay down on a couch. Hermione closed her eyes and and slowly started at fall asleep...
Hermione was walking in front of her parents house. There was someone else there too. There where walking a dog. The person looked like Lupin! He walked into Hermione's patents house. There was a scream, and Lupin ran out of the house. Hermione ran to the door of the house. But Hermione couldn't reach it. There was something holding her back. She could only get abut 4feet away from the porch. She tried running harder. But she couldn't run any more. Hermione was tired. She could hardly stand.
"NO!!" She screamed. Hermione felt her self falling. Falling...

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