There's Only One You (a Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley Love Story)

hey! here's just a story that i love! it was fun writing it! i LOVE Hermione and Ron. and i wanted to make a story about how there fell in love!

Chapter 3

The Fake Locket

"did you try the spell last night?" Ron asked Hermione.
"no." Hermione said. "i didn't have time. i was looking in my spell books for some help on the spell, but it got too late so i went to bed."
"oh. that okay. you have all the time you need." said Ron. they were walking to a house on a small street. it was Hermione's mom and dad's house. they walked on the porch.
"do you think they would started to remember me over night?" Hermione asked Ron.
"i don't know. maybe." Ron told her. for the 2ed time, he lifted his hand and knocked on the door. there was foot steps from inside and this time a tall man opened the door.
"yes? what do you want?" he said.
"dad?" Hermione said. "it's me, Hermione."
"Hermione... Hermione. no. i don't think i know a Hermione. but that does sound like i DO know someone by that name... no. i don't know you, sorry." Hermione looked away from her dad. she started to walk of the porch.
"is something wrong?" asked Mr. Granger.
"well... i know you'll think i'm crazy, but your her dad, and she's a Witch and did a spell on you so you couldn't remember her. and now she just really wants her mom and dad back." Ron finished and sighed. he felt so bad for Hermione. it was like having no mom and dad if they don't remember you. Ron had never not know living with people he knew and loved. how Hermione must feel. he thought,
"oh poor girl. i'm not her father but where has she been staying?" Hermione's dad asked Ron.
"well she been sleep at my house with my sister Ginny in her room." Ron said. "in the day time she... well i don't really know what she does. her and Ginny will leave the house on the morning and not came back till about 8:00 after dinner. i really don't know what Hermione does when she leaves alone... sometime me and her will look though books together. she a really smart one. she tries to help me study to become a Auror. she knows that's what i really want to do. she really nice to me. she always saids that i'm one of her best friends, but sometimes i thinks it's more than that..." Ron stopped. he had just been telling this man me hardly even knew all about his feeling about Hermione and more! Mr. Granger listened and when Ron had finished, her looked at him and said, "son, i know i don't know ya, but it's just the way you talk about Hermione, makes me feel like i know her..." he stopped.
"that's because you do know her! you've knew her of 16 years! your her father!" Ron said.
"why don't you come back in the morning when my wife gets home. i'll talk to her and see if maybe you right." Mr. Granger looked off over where Hermione sat on the ground and with tears running down her face.
"thank you sir." Ron said and walked off the porch to join Hermione.

"you okay?" Ron said as he sat down next to Hermione.
"no." she said "i feel like i have no mom and dad! i feel like i have no family!"
"we're your family right now. me Harry, Ginny and Luna too."
"you know, when i leave your house all day, me and Ginny or just me, go and see Luna. she's been so helpful lately. you know `caues she lost her mom and all. it's been nice to talk to her..."
"well if you ever need to talk to someone besides Luna, i'm alway there for ya." said Ron smiling at Hermione.
"thanks." she said with out look at him. "it means a lot." a few tears ran down her face. poor thing. Ron thought. Hermione looked down at the locket she had said her mom gave her.
"no." Hermione whisperer.
"what?" said Ron.
"it's fake!" Hermione said.
"what's fake?" Ron asked.
"my locket! it's not the one my mom gave me! it's fake!" Hermione sobbed. "no, no!"

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