There's Only One You (a Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley Love Story)

hey! here's just a story that i love! it was fun writing it! i LOVE Hermione and Ron. and i wanted to make a story about how there fell in love!

Chapter 2

6 Mouths After the Battle of Hogwarts

"but i'm scared, Ron." said Hermione Granger to Ron Weasley. "i know they won't remember me!" Hermione and Ron stood outside a house in Australia. it was Hermione's mum and dad's house. Hermione had modified her mum and dad's memory when she, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley had gone looking for the Horcruxes.
that was done now. all the Horcruxes where gone. even Voldemort himself! Harry had killed him with his own spell. Voldemort was gone.
Ron looked at Hermione and took her hand.
"it'll be alright." he lifted his hand and knocked.
"one min. one min.!" said a womans voice from inside. Hermione closed her eyes. Ron held her hand titer. there was foot steps form inside. Hermione opened her eyes. the door opened.
"hello. who are you?" said the women. Hermione's eyes filled with tears.
"it okay." Ron whispered.
"m-m-mum?" Hermione said trying to hold back the tears. "do you remember me?"
"i'm sorry. i'm not your mother. i have no children." she said. Hermione couldn't take it any more. she let go of Ron's hand and ran. just ran away.
"what's wrong?" said the women.
"oh, i'm sorry. she's just... well... just... i'm sorry. have a nice day." said Ron and ran after Hermione.

she was leaning on a rock and crying into her hands. she was shaking. Ron sat down next to her. he put his arm around her.
"is there some spell or charm that can help?" Ron asked. Hermione sniffled.
"w-well yes." Hermione said. "b-b-but it's r-r-risky. you c-c-can d-d-die." Hermione said.
"do you think it would be worth the risk?" Ron said.
"i-i-i don't know." Hermione said sadly. "i d-d-don't want to h-h-hurt them. if i-i-it means that they'll n-n-never remember me, it w-would be better l-l-like that." Hermione just couldn't hold back the tears any longer. she put her forehead on her knees and cried. just cried.
"i w-w-w-was so hopeful t-that t-they would r-r-remember me!" Hermione said between sobs. "i-i-i just t-t-thought that m-m-maybe t-t-they would have just a-a-a little m-m-memory of m-m-me." said Hermione sill sobbing.
"you know," said Ron. "you do really well at all those spells and things. i bet it was a pretty powerful spell." Hermione looked up and smiled at Ron.
"thanks" she said half smiling. she wiped her eyes on the back of her sleeve. "i think if i can try the spell some, i can maybe try and fix my mum and dad." Ron smiled back at her. she put her head on his shoulder. "i'm really glad you came with me." she told Ron. "i don't know what i would do with out you." Hermione said. Ron smiled to himself.
"do you think we need to Apporate back now?" Ron said. "we can come back tomorrow."
"ok." Hermione sniffled. "i really what to came back first thing in the morning tomorrow."
"i think we should wait a little bit. we don't want to come back first thing. maybe... 10:00?"
"okay. thats fine." Hermione took her head off Ron's shoulder. he stood up and helped Hermione up.
"wait." Hermione said. "i lost my locket! the one my mom gave me!"
"ummm... here it is! i chain broke." Ron handed her the locket.
"thanks." she said. Ron took her hand and CRACK! they where gone.

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