Me....things about moi :P

Chapter 1

Meeeee :)

Jake Luke Wilson
Phoenix Arizona
5 sibling Lilly 18, Blaine 16, William 9, Amelia 6, Charlie 5.
Parents split up live with mom never see dad
Friends are really important
Always wanted to be a musician still do
I hate sport its awful
Love music art and poetry
Hate school so bad normally just bunk it
I am considered a bad boy watch out ;)
Odd taste in music mainly i like metal or indie?
I use weird words, cause it enthasises what i wanna say better.
I love Oscar Wilde like obsessively, he is amazing.
I love parties and party A LOT
I don't like abiding by the rules.
Coolest person on this sights is Katie

Ask the rest and i will honestly reply to anything you ask in a comment....


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