My Love For Avan

Okay so i'm trying out one of my other stories. It is a love story yes and also really good. Hope you like it! PLLZ comment!!! Thanx Buddies!!

PS: Plzz Comment! Tell me if i need to do something BETTER; And R8TE if u can!!! THNX! PANDA'S OUT!! DEUCES;D

Chapter 1


by: marbles
My name is Nikki Jay Cole. Everyone calls me Nikki Jay. I am an uprising movie star and landed a spot on a popular tv show. Work starts Monday. I recently moved here from Tennessee to Los Angeles. I was born in Memphis, Tennessee. I have 2 brothers named David and Alex. My mom is single. She divorced my dad last year after she found out he had another family. I hate that guy. Everyone in my family does. I'm 17 years old. I have long black hair and skinny, but still have meat on my bones! My brother David is 18 years old and is finishing up his senior year of high school. He got accepted into UC Berkley for basketball. My younger brother, Alex is in the 7th grade and is kind of a skater boy, but total ladies man. He gets good grades but bad behavior. He's still my brother. Anyway, my mom is a cop and works for the Los Angeles Police Department(LAPD) She's loving and kind, just don't get her mad. I've had experience and it wasn't good. i went to bed tonight knowing that tommorow was going to change my life.

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