Joe Jonas Love Story prt 3

hey this is part 3 please comment i need 2 comments for nxt prt just 2 plz =)

Love ya all

Chapter 1

Say what?

When joe drive you home you sit in your bed thinking about what nadine say to you and why didn't you tell joe and then you hear your phone ringing you ansr it:
joe;hey Diana it's Joe
you;oh hi joe tssup?
joe;umm nothing much wbu?
you;nothing but joe i need to tell you something
joe;shot! what is it?
you;i can't tell you now can i come over tommorow?
joe;yeah sure
you;well i g2g bye
*******************************NEXT DAY**********************************************
You wake up and after break fast you went to the jonas house you are going to tell joe about what nadine tells you. you knock the door and nick open oh hey Diana. he hug you and say good said hey you enter and you found the jonas familly eating breakfast the all say goodmorning you say goodmorning after breakfast joe take you to his room and he tell you; so wht do you wanna say? look joe are you going to belive me if i told you? yeah sure well..yesterday nadine told me that she don't like me and she don't want to spend time with you.then joe looks at you and said look Diana i am trying to belive you but you cut him off and said wait!what?why would i lie to you? well idk bt i don't want to start a fight i mean i just come back from tour and you cut him off again and said yeah yeah i understand and then nadine enter and sit nxt to joe but joe said hey girls want some jus water anything? she said yeah i can have spme jus and you diana?no thanks joe he say k brb when he was oming he heard nadine yeling @ you and he said WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING NADINE?he say yelling she said well...ummm joe was yelling again and he said GET OUT OF MY HOUSE I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE AGAIN.she said ok but i will come back joe jonas i wil come back........TBC


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