Joe Jonas Love Story

it's my first story hope you like it =D

Love You

Chapter 1

He's back?!

ok you an joe are best friend since you were five and your parents are really close friends but b4 2 years joe and his familly left on tour you were really sad cause you love him but you never have the chance to tell him.****NEXT DAY**** .You wake-up brush you teth and hair when you was going too eat break fast with your familly you mouth droped you seeJOE!! you run tourd him and hug him he say:Diana(it's you i just use my name)i missed you so much you said;me too joe hows nick,kevin,frank and Denise and Paul i missed them so much? he said; oh there coming so i need to tell you something but we have to be alone. You smile and said;sure whats up? you was hoping he would ask you out Joe;i need you to meet Nadine you look at him confused an said ; Who's nadine? Joe; She's my girl friend. you look at him with sad face and thene......................TBC (sorry it's short comment plz)


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