It's Just A Phase ~ Orochimaru's Daughter

It's Just A Phase ~ Orochimaru's Daughter

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Chapter 1

Movin Out

"Hebi! What are you doing?" I could hear my mother gasp beind me. I walked to my drawer and pulled out all my necessities.

"I'm leaving, Mother." I said not looking at her.

"Why? Where?" I sighed as I pushed back a strand of my onyx hair.

"We all know I don't beong here. I'm joining an organization." I turned to face my mother. Her face went pale as my words sunk in.

"What organization?" I didn't want to say the words, but I had no choice.

"The Akatsuki." My mother covered her mouth in shock.

"Don't be like you father, Hebi." My eyes narrowed at her.

"Why did you decide to name me that?" I spat. Mother put her head down.

"It was your fathers wishes."

"Well my father can go to hell." I pulled my bag over my shoulder.

"So your just leaving?!" My mother yelled. I looked back at her. We looked nothing alike.

Her hair is blonde. Mine is onyx. Her eyes are blue. Mine are like my father, except green.

I glarred at her, long and hard before answering. "My life is turning for the worst. This is what you get when you choose a snake to be your lover. You get a monster."

I looked down, ashamed of myself. I'm the daughter of one of the three legendary sannin, a threat to my own village, and my father's genes are taking over. Mother knew I would have to leave or the Hokage would have me killed.

"Honey, please stay." My mother came closer, trying to put a comforting hand on my shoulder. I hissed unintentionally. My eyes widened in fear. So did her's.

"Now you see why I must go! I have to control this power. Keeping me here will make me end up like dad. If I don't leave, its only a matter of time before I finish where my father had left off in Konoha." My mother backed away from me. Tears filled her eyes.

"What about Naruto? Do you know what the Akatsuki will do if they found out you knew him?"

I pulled out a scroll from my baggy black pants. "Dad's not te only one who knows how to develop forbidden jutsu's. This jutsu will temporarily take away a memory of my choosing. How could they find out about someone who I wouldn't technically know?"

My mother covered her mouth as an attempt to keep quiet. "Be carefull." I nodded my head before grabbing my stuff and jumping out of my window.


She sat at her desk thinking of her most waluable weapon and her most dangerous threat. a little present, Orochimaru would say, for the Leaf Village

That child was no damn present. She thought bitterly.

She has the skill to destroy this whole town. If she leaves she'll be endangering the lives of many others.

Tsunade sighed. It is her job as the Hokage to keep the village balanced.

Thats pretty hard to do when you have the off spring of a former legendary sannin running around, learning everything about jutsu's.

Being the daughter of Orochimaru was just a bonus.

At that moment, Usagi bursted into her office. "She's left!" Usagi breathed. Her eyes covered in dry tears.

Tsunade stood up. "I want you to go after her with Kurenai. If she won'tcome back peacesully then . . . we'll have to use force."

"You can't! This is my daughter were talking about!" Usagi wailed.

"Do you have any idea about how much damage she could do. Your daughter doesn't know how to control her powers. As she gets stronger the pobability of Orochimaru making contact with her is 80 out of 100. Do you honastly think I can risk that?"

Usagi shook her head. In a softer voice, the Hokage spoke. "I'm sorry for your loss, Usagi. But I can't have your daughter roaming around without someone looking after her."

Usagi noded as she exited the room.

"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others."

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