Ways To Annoy Stefan Salvatore

heey! well i thought it would be fun to make one of these...tell me what you think!

Chapter 1


1. Tell him Elena is with Damon. Watch his reaction.
2. ask him why he doesn't sparkle.
3. Tell him Elena is out partying with Katherine.
4. Make fun of his hair. frequently.
5. Tell Elena that you saw him making out with Katherine. Watch his expression as she freaks out at him.
6. Everytime he growls at you, hit him in the head with a newspaper and say "Bad Stefan. No bite."
7. Call him "Stefanie"
8. Kidnap Elena.
9. when he asks where Elena is, tell him Damon killed her.
10. after he tries to kill Damon, tell him you were kidding.
11. send Elena to the grill. When he asks where she is, tell him "a guy named Elijah from the historical society took her in his car". watch his reaction.
12. Key his car with the words "Damon+Elena=LOVE"
13. Suggest he use a little less hair gel.
14. Call him Edward Cullen.
15. give yourself a paper cut and show him it.
16. Ask him how old he is. when he tells you, call him a pedophile.
17: tell him that appearing in his girlfriend's room is creepy. call him a pervert.
18.Suggest he take wood shop class.
19. scream "DAMON LOVES ELENA" in his ear 24/7
20. Steal his ring.

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