Love in Pranking Form [or is it?] (Draco Malfoy)

ok, this is my first Malfoy story. Enjoy and please comment. Now read!

Chapter 1


"Hey Guys" i said sitting next to my three best friends.
"Hey" they all grumbled. None bothered to look up or even acknowledge my prescence except for the horrible hey.
"Guys" i said "Hello? Earth to my friends"
"Since when are we your friends?" George asked.
I was shocked, "you've always been my friends" i said, "Ever since i got here."
"Doesn't seem that way." Fred said.
"What did i do?" i asked still shocked.
"We heard about that prank you did"
"And we cannot believe you didn;t tell us about it." George said.
"We could've helped" Lee said.
I looked around the table more shocked than before "That's what this is about? my prank?"
They all grunted and went back to their breakfast.
"Guys! You know i can;t stand it when you're mean to me" i said putting on my best puppy dog face.
George looked and fell for it "Fine" he said "You win."
"What?" Fred yelled as my puppy dog face dragged him in too. " i hate it when you do that. I guess you win.'
"Yay!" i smiled. I then turned my face on Lee.
"I can hondle you better than they can. Its not going to work," he said smiling at me.
"Please Lee," i said burying my face in his shoulder pretending to cry.
"Nope not going to work" he said trying to convince himself more than me. I kept faking. "Ugh Fine!" he yelled.
"Yay!" i said removing my head from his shoulder and smiling. Her glared at me but his smile soon broke through.
"Ok guys see you in transfiguration" i said leaving the Great hall.
"Bye" they said more cheerful than before as i left.

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