The Story of My Life

hey guys, now im not gonna be the only one writing this, you guys are too. if you want to write the next chapter, just comment and i'll send it too you.

Chapter 1

First day of school

walking down the stairs for breaky was always the worst part of a Monday. I was in my skinny jeans and a cute t-shirt, that shouldnt be worn at school. As I reached the last step, the phone rang. I ran and picked it up.
"hello" the voice on the other end said, "Im looking for a miss Tenoh."
"Um, the child or mother?" I replied
"child, would she be there?" they asked back, sounding excited.
"well ur talking to them. but you see i dont talk to strangers. sorry, i must go i have homework to do. goodbye" i told them, and slammed the phone down.
At the table for breakfast, we had so much. Eggs, bacon, toast, fruit loops, rice bubbles, cornflakes, coco pops and more. i grabbed what i wanted, eat it and ran to the bike. but as i left the house i forgot the ppe (personal protective equipment), so i ran baack in, got my bikie jacket, and helmet. i know i shouldnt take my brothers bike, but it was so cool. i loved the lion on the side of the motor.
while driving to school, i was thinking of how my first day would start and end. i just hope no one would ask me out, like the last school. but i guess i get asked out by many ppl. the only thing i dont need everyone knowing is my past......
as i reached the gates for the school, i noticed that here everyone walked or drove. since im not into any of them, i think im going to keep to riding the bike. i got off the bike after parking in a spot next to the steps for the school office, which was where i wanted to be.
I walked into the office and saw two ppl arguing over a parking spot, and then they started kissing. i guess this must be a couple, and they must fight all the time. i walked around them and to the desk.
"Um hi, Im Amara Tenoh, the new student." I said to the lady sitting behind the desk typing away. "Hello i guess, here is your timetable and laptop. have a nice day." she replied, passing my stuff and getting back to her somewhat very important work.
I walked to class knowing, that just somehow i would have to move. somewhere new and somewhere bigger then the last. it's always been that way. but that only happens when they catch up with me. which seems to happen when Michelle. she seems to follow me everywhere, but i guess thats what she does.

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