21 Facts about me!

ok so this is a group story, so pass it around! everyone just add a chapter, then we can kno all bout each other! lolz
so put ur name (only first) and your username on here, even a link 2 ur page if u wanna ;)

Chapter 1

[Stevie] TeamJacobLuvsMj

by: MrsRadke
1) I have to be wearing clothes at all times, or else I'll feel naked XD
2) I am seriously in love with Michael Jackson
3) I am a Christian and I go to Friendship Baptist Church in Illinois
4) My favorite band is Big Time Rush (I <3 James!)
5) I think guys are hotter when they were makeup or have long hair
6) If I was a singer, I would wanna work with Epic Records
7) If I was gonna slap anyone in the world with a barracuda fish it would be Taylor Swift
8) Ariel, Connor, Erika, and Sarah give me better advice than anyone else
9) Sometimes people tell me I should have been born back in the 80's
10) If you give me quesadillas, I'll love you forever
11) My idea of a perfect first date is playing lazer tag and going out to McDonalds (Yes, I know that's a little weird)
12) I can make my tounge be a three-leaf clover
13) Sillyness, brightness, music, lovability, humor, and fists of fury are what make up my genetic structure
14) Talladega Knights is definately the funniest Will Ferrell movie in my opinion
15) I have to have clothes on my bedroom floor at all times or else I feel like someone's been in there
16) I want to be president when I get older! :D
17) I actually tried to meditate on a trampoline once........ it didn't go too well.......
18) I was the one who had to disect the worm AND the frog in science class, but it was fun ;)
19) My door has posters of BTR, Zac Effron, Justin Beiber, Taylor Lautner, and Harry Potter
20) When I die, I want someone to throw the ashes at the bottom of Michael Jackson's grave (creepy, but it's true)
21) For fun, I drink alot of water then swish my tummy around to it makes ocean noises :D


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