So when i got the quiz about the writing contest this was the first thing i came up with so yeah read it.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Me and the monster-who use to be my best friend- faced off. She looked like she always did: blonde hair, green eyes, and short. The only difference was the growl on her face-she never got mad. But of course this person standing in front of me is not my best friend.
Well, first let me give you the basics. Then I will start at the beginning on how I ended up fighting my best friend:
The thing inside of her is called a Grawn. It is a extraterrestrial creature from who-knows-where. They cannot live alone when they are on Earth. It has something to do with the air-I think. Anyway, they have been visiting Earth for four years now, and seeing as I was thirteen and young at the time I got placed into training.
By the way, my name is Arriana Aron. I am seventeen years old and an expert Grawn slayer.
I was taught how to fight and-as we learned more-how to kill a Grawn. Sticking a sword through them will not kill them. You have to hit certain points-in the back of the neck for instance. Just poke a hole there and they are weakened. Yeah, sounds stupid and easy and anyone could do that, right? Well, you try poking a hole in their neck while they are trying to kill you and run you through with a sword-which will kill you. Now you see why it is hard. Oh yeah, and they survive off of eating humans. Gross! Yeah, possessed humans eating humans. Yummy?
Anyway, everyone my age got recruited to learn how to fight these monsters when it first began. Only a few remain, most-like my use-to-be friend standing opposite to me-couldn’t handle the thought of possibly dying or had a weak stomach. I am the only girl that made it through the training, but a few guys did. Now we are the ones who hunt down and kill the Grawn. Good extra-credit for school.
Now, here is how it all began:

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