this is about a youth raptor it's storm hawks relating it's a terradon who is abused by her former squadaran the terroraptors and she leaves to join the Storm hawks

Chapter 1

New Squadaran and Friends

A youth she raptor ran arcossed the ground. Billy she said. A large raptor,turns his head ya the raptor said. Billy,the she raptor said,as she lowered her body and bowed, i-i- failed the mission to destroy terra talconia she stutered. Billy turned his head back,You stupid terradon I should of used Jake he more smarter than you,you dumb terradon Billy snapped. Carley your in big trouble,Billy grabed carley by her neck and dug his enlarged thumb claw in Carley's back and throw him into the wall. That's that last Time you Fail me Carley Billy yelled. TERRORTORS ATTACK billy yelled. Jake jumped to the ground his claw 6 inch toe claw armed and ready he charged at her. Carley jumped back and clawed him in the chest area and bite him in his sholder and torn a peice of his skin off. Jake yowled in pain as he swung his hand back. carley was hit by the blow and was knocked into the ground. Randy jumped in the front of Carley,He grabed carley by the neck with his battle claws. Carley felt treathned by his size and strength,Carley grabed the crystal off of her neckless and shocked him with it,Carley put the electric crystal back into her neckless and dashed off to her ride. Billy jumped in front of carley and grabed him by the hand. WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING CARLEY Billy growled. Carley felt fear in every way,Carley couldn't control him self,Carley slashed her claws into Billy's left eye. Billy's left eye came out,Billy yowled in pain covering his eye,Carley dashed to her ride and flew off there ship. Carley riped off the armor symbol of her former squadran. Carley flew to the condor. she came in Hello she said. piper,jumped who are you she said. carley looked at them. I am carley a former member of the terraptors i came to join your squadran Carley said. arreow walked up to her sure you can join he said. junkco came the raptors are coming he yelled. Carley jumped raptors he yelled. i had enough of raptor she yelled. Stork looked at her they are the same kind as you stork said to her. Their terradon she said. piper looked at her yes they are she anwsered. Repton flew by the condor and attacked it. Finn came out Carley go check the window and see where there at finn yelled. Carley rushed to the window. Repton flew his ride by the window. uh who are you he asked. Carley,looked at him I'm carley. Repton,looked at her, I see your armor you were a part of the terroraptors repton said. Carley tilted her head,How do you know that Carley asked. I know the terrorraptor's armor repton anwered. Repton stared at Carley, Repton smiled at her licked his lips trying to keep them from being dry. meet me at terra gonea at 7:00 pm tonight he said quiety to her. Stork smiled and turned the condor. The condor smashed into Repton, Stork turned away and flew off. Piper,ran to Carley are you ok? piper asked. Carley looked at her ya,why do you ask she said.
piper looked at her well Repton was chating with i dont know if he was threantening you piper anwsered. What did he say piper asked. Carley turned i dont know if he wants me to tell people or not Carley thought to herself. WELL he asked if i was from terroraptors because of my armor Carley said. piper looked at her and smiles anything else she asked. Carley smiled and lied,no.

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