Is It Meant To Be Or Just A Fantasy

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Chapter 1


by: MiSS_CRiS
''Goodbye Michigan and Hello california!'' I thought as I boarded the plane. I found my seat quickly and placed my carry-on in the over head compartment. Thank god for first class as well; I'm not one for flyig but I can survive a non-stop four hour flight; I hope. I laid back in my seat and put on my iPod; drifting off to sleep before the plane even took off.

I'm just your average small town girl who wants to take on the big bad city. I just turned 18 a few months ago and decided I needed a change in secenery. I also just signed a contract with a modeling angecy there and it's a plus that I have family in California; and not to mention a childhood friend who may or may not remember me--Taylor Lautner.

I was dreaming about him on the last day we saw eachother all those years ago; we were 10 back then.

"I can't believe you're moving!" I said
"I know, but we'll see eachother again." he said
"I hope so! You're my bestfriend!" I said
"We will! I'm sure of it!" he stated confidently
"Ok, I'm going home. Bye Taylor!" I said giving him a hug
"Bye!" he said
"Here, so you don't forget me." I said handing him a small box

He opened it up and looked at the small framed picture of the two of us. We were both holding up bunny ears behind eachothers head with huge smiles. It was last picture we took together.

"I wont forget you, I promise!" he said and hugged me again
''End Of Dream''

I woke just as the plane landed at the airport. I stood up and streatched before grabbing my bag.I was walking through baggage claim after getting my bags when I bumped into someone since I wasn't paying attention; I was too busy trying to find my uncle who was picking me up.

"Sorry, my bad!" I said not looking to see who it was that I bumped into
"No problem!" I heard a husky voice say

I didn't have time to turn around when I heard my cousin Jobie yelling out for me.

"Rhea!" she yelled over the crowd of photographers that had just swarmed the exit doors

I ran over to her and she pulled me into a hug.

"I can't believe you're finally here!" she squealed
"Me either!" I said happily
"Ohh, he is SO HOTT!" she exclaimed looking over my shoulder

I looked back and noticed a guy with shades on surrounded by a crowd of people. I recognized the jacket; it was the guy I bumped into.

"He's alight!" I said with shrug
"You're joking right?" she asked
"What so important about him?" I asked
"Ah hello! Complete ''hottie'' and competely ''famous''." she said
"Competely...''don't care''!" I said placing my bags in the trunk
"Come on girls, lets go!" my uncle shouted from the car
"Nice to see you too!" I called back
"If you don't hurry you're going to miss your photo shoot." he said
"I forgot about that!" I said and rushed to get into the car
"Let's head to the house to drop your things, your car is here as well." he said
"Sounds great! I can't wait to get there; I'm so excited." I said
"Are you doing it solo?" Jobie asked
"No, but my agent didn't tell me who I was posing with." I said with a shrug
"Aren't you the least bit curious?" she asked
"Not really, it's probably just some other model." I said

The rest of the drive we spent catching up on how our last year of high school was. Jobie was heading CalArts for the Dance program. She wondered why I chose to skip the whole College thing and go straight to modeling, I guess it's always been my passion.

When we arrived at the house it was just as I remembered it; Jobie helped me take my bags up to my room.

"Ok, here's the keys and you have the address right?" my uncle asked
"Yes, I have the address!" I stated
"Drive safe, and I'm happy you're here." he said giving me a hug
"So am I!" I said
"Mind if I tag along?" Jobie asked
"Sure!" I said

When we got to the set where the photo shoot was held Jobie sat with me in my trailer while I got my hair and makeup done. I just got changed into my first outfit for the shoot when my agent Tami walked in.

"Hows my next supermodel doing!" she excliamed
"I'm great!" I said with a laugh shaking my head
"Oh my, you look gorgeous! How was your flight?" she said
"Thanks, and it was good." I replied "Tami this is my cousin Jobie, Jobie this is my ''amazing'' agent Tami." I said
"Hello!" Jobie said
"Good looks must run in the family!" Tami said
"Thanks!" Jobie said shyly
"Well, they'll be ready for you in 5 so I'll see you out there." Tami said and walked out
"You really do look gorgeous!" Jobie said
"Thanks!" I said "Ok, lets do this!" I said

We talked and laughed as we walked over to the set and Jobie tapped my shoulder.

" that for the shoot?" she asked pointing to a bed
"I have no idea." I said

We walked a little more when I saw Tami talking to the photographer.

"Rhea darling, this is Michael Graham he'll be the photographer for the shoot." she said
"It's nice to meet you!" I said shaking his hand
"It's a pleasure to meet you!" he said "Your partner for this shoot is running a bit late so we can do some solo shots if you want." he said
"Sure!" I said

We did some shots with different backdrops then Michael called for a break. I went over to where Jobie was sitting playing on her phone. I looked over at Michael and he was talking to some guy, when they finished they walked over to me; I noticed it was the same guy from the airport that my cousin was drooling over.

"No time for introductions, so lets jump right in. Lets do the water shoot first then we'll do the bed." Michael said

We were right in the middle of the shoot and pretty much soaking wet, when Michael stopped.

"Lets try this; Taylor I want you to put you right hand around her waist and let it rest at the small of her back and place your left hand between he shoulder blades." he said

When he said Taylor I had to catch my breath; it couldn't be the same Taylor, could it?

"Yeah, sure!" he said and did as Michael said
"Now Rhea I want you to lean your head back and Taylor lean forward as if you are kissing her neck. But don't actually make contact." Michael said
"Is this alright?" Taylor asked less then a few inches from my throat
"Perfect!" he said and began snapping away

When that was over we both went back to our trailers and changed for the next shoot. If I thought the water shoot was a bit nerve wreaking it was nothing compared to the bed shoot. Taylor was shirtless and I was a flowing white dress with barely there fabric. This was nothing like I thought it was going to be for my first major photoshoot.

"Thats a wrap!" Michael called out

I walked toward my trailer without a second glance at Taylor; this guy was a total hottie 8-pack and all; there was no way this was the same Taylor. Once I got to my trailer my cousin was all giddy.

"Oh. My. Gosh. I am so jealous!" she said
"Don't be!" I said and got changed
"How can you tell me not to be, when you've just done a photoshoot with the hottest guy of our generation. Don't you watch the Twilight Saga?" she said as was we walked out of the trailer
"He's just a guy! And no I don't follow those movies or any movies for that matter." I stated
"No he's not he's....." she began to say but didn't finish
"He's what?" I asked stopping
"He's coming over!" she stated

I turned to look and sure enough he was walking over.

"Hi, we weren't properly introduced. I'm Taylor!" he said
"I got that much from Michael, I'm Rhea!" I said

Standing like this I really ''looked'' at him; he was the same Taylor. My childhood friend Taylor.

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