Kidnapped by a Creep 5 (read intro)

Hey!! I know its been a long time XD I'm on my phone so if u want more of this please comment. Plz also commemt on my poll about the new story :) I don't know how this story thing works :/ so yeah

Chapter 1

Tyler (Toni's is within it i guess)

Tyler walked over & yanked the sheet off you. You started to shake a little because you were scared. He stuck two fingers in between your legs then smiled. Good job Jake,he gave him a hand shake then headed out. You pulled the sheet back up,wanting to cry. Jake came over & stroked your cheek. "I'm so sorry" you can tell he ment it. He pulled away & slowly kissed your cheek. "Bye __. Ill be in later with something for you to eat. You said lowly "bye Jake". He left & you sat there alone for hours.... TBC

& turned you to the side. The guy came in front of you & started kissing you roughly. Toni was behind you pulling your skirt up. He slipped two fingers in & pumped them slowly. The other guy was grabbing your butt. You sighed softly,very uncomfortable but don't want it to her.The guy pulled your top off & grabbed your chest rough. You felt Toni putting some kind of liquid in you but didn't think anything of it....TBC

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