The Night That Bones Rattled(A Haunted House/Love Story)

Kayla Smith decides to check out Old Man Barnaby's mansion with some of her friends. Scary things follow......(p.s. I'm a first time Quibblo writer, so anyhting in the comments helps!(critisism, enjoyment, anything!))

Chapter 1

First Day

Kayla Smith was a tall, blonde haired girl who loved adventure, especially when her friends were by her side. One day, Kayla was sound asleep, dreaming about adventure, when her mother's shrill voice pierced through the fog of sleep. "KAYLA! GET UP!! YOU'RE GOING TO MISS THE BUS IF YOU DON'T GET A MOVE ON!!!" Kayla jumped out of her covers, and threw on the outfit she had picked out last night. It was the first day of 7th grade, and she didn't want to miss the bus that carried all of her friends. She ran to the bathroom and tousled her hair in the beautiful way that everyone liked, snatched the granola bar that was waiting in her mother's hand and the backpack slung over the dining room chair, and spd down three blocks to the bus stop, where the bus had just pulled up. Kayla scrambled aboard and realized, too late, that she had forgotten to brush her teeth and forgot the lunch she packed. Now her breath would stink and she would have to go hungry. Her mood visibly brightened when she saw her two best friends, Jade and Victoria, sitting in the largest seat on the bus. "Heyyy!" Jade called in her bubblegum voice. "Heyyyy!" Kayla called back and sat herself down beside Jade. "Hey, Victoria!" Kayla said brightly to Victoria. She paid no mind to Kayla and just waved her hand in Kayla's general direction. Jade pulled Kayla back on the seat. "What's the matter with her?" Kayla whispered in her gossiping voice. Jade, Kayla, and Victoria ruled Crown Junior High. They gossiped about everyone but each other. Jade replied back, "Well, i heard over summer break her mom threw out her favorite camisole and accidentally broke her iPod touch that she got for her birthday. And i hear that a few days ago, her dad went back over to Iraq and her dog Fluffy died." Kayla's eyebrows shot up. "Wow. Vicky's had a tough summer, huh?" Jade nodded sympathetically and snuck a peek at the sulking but forlorn Victoria. "I know what'll cheer her up!" Kayla whispered and told Jade to switch her seats so that Kayla was sitting by Victoria. "Hey, Vicky, i heard about your summer. Tough break, huh?" When she didn't answer, Kayla continued. "Well, over the first few weeks of summer I went exploring a little in Old Man Barnaby's mansion, down the street from the junkyard, you know where I'm talking about. I didn't find much, except for this." Kayla held out a worn box. It was deep cherrywood, with a lot of signs and insignias carved all over it. One was clearly the Hitler sign. Victoria turned with a gleam in her eye. "Woah, this is awesome! It must have come from the Nazis! Look at that carving!" One glittery fingernail rested on the Hitler insignia. "That's exactly what I thought!" Kayla said. Jade and Victoria loved adventure too. Victoria was beatutiful, with glossy raven black hair and a tanned complexion, her eyes ivy green. Jade was pretty too, with shoulder length curly brown hair and deep chocolate eyes. Kayla was just your average blondie with ice blue eyes and a perfect smile. "After school today, let's check out Barnaby's mansion! My father says it might be haunted." Jade said excitedly. Her dad was a historian, and the Barnaby mansion was one of the places he studied most. It loomed tall and dark, even against the daytime sky. Inside it had sets upon sets of doors and windows leading to nowhere, and winding staircases that all led to the same place. Kayla had opened many doors, but almost all of them opened to a 40 foot drop to the ground below. She was careful after the first door, which she almost opened to her death. Kayla had also wasted her energy on four huge staircases that all led to one mysterious door, with carvings on it that matched the box she had found lying beside the door. When she had tried the door handle, a ghastly moan had erupted from inside the house, and the dorr shook violently. Kayla had grabbed the box and rushed down the stairs two at a time and out of the house, not stopping until she reached her house, 4 miles from the mansion."Okay!" Kayla and Victoria said in unison.

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