i was taking a walk in the forest by my cousins house & decided to write this down! hope u like it this is how i feel about forests.

Chapter 1


The forest is the perfect place to go & think. its such a magical place where anything is possible. You can just imagine the forest nymphs poking their heads out of the trees to look at you in interest you can just hear the flutters of fairy wings as they fly through the treetops & you can hear the arrows fly through the air as they are shot from the elves bows. Every leave every pinecone every stone in the perfect place on the fporest floor. The centaurs ride majestically through the trees riding with the wind. Its so beautiful with its soaring pines & its evergreen trees to its small wild blueberry bushes. Imagine what ghost & dark creatures lurk there in the dark shadows of the night while the fairies dance around there fires. There are so many creatures living in the forest like the little squirrel hiding his nuts to the graceful deer finding new trails. The birds chirp cheerfully while the trees dance inthe wind to the songs they make, but the moss covered boulders stand still to guard the precious creatures that live beneath them. The forest is such a mystical place where you can be anything you want to be. With the warm sunlight glistening throught the tree like pixie dust to turn it all into your greatest fanstasy!


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