Love is never bad only corrupt-(a Draco Malfoy love story) part 9

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Chapter 1

caught and controlled...

i heard the bed creak as Tatiana climbed off the top bunk landing lightly on the floor in front of us.i stuffed Draco under thew blanket and he didn't protest."lumos"Tatiana said.her wand illuminating the room interior.shadows shifted on the wall and i pressed closer to Draco who in turn pulled me closer. Tatiana stared sleepily at the lump in the blanket beside me confused.

"who were you talking to?"she asked.i looked away trying not to meet her eye."oh umm the new girl Sam came in and needed to know something"i said.she eyed me suspicious then lightening quick grabbed the blanket pulling it back with a tug.

she smirked at me."i should've known"she said. Draco sat their silently knowing he was in for it.i flushed my cheeks growing hot."then let me leave you to love birds alone."she said.she started to climb back up to her bed."wait no Tatiana i wasn't...we weren' Tatiana i want him out"i said but it was to quiet for her to hear. Draco heard though.his head snapped up towards me just as the light vanished enclosing us in darkness.

he climbed off the bed and dissapered out the door.

*************** Draco's P.O.V

i slumped against the door outside her room.she truly hates me i thought.her words echoed in my head and i felt like she had stabbed me through the heart.i tried to tell myself that it was only because of the stress that she was pushing me away.

the door opened with a creak and the soft light of her wand illuminated the hallway.she pushed her bangs out of her eyes."come on"she whispered and i stood up slowly.


her body lay curled against me and her deep breathing signaled her slumber.i lightly brushed my hand over her face and the moon shifted from behind the clouds bathing her in its light.then her eyes twitched frantically under her restless eyelids and her pulse jumped at her neck.she let out a little gasp and turned on the bed.she jumped upright in a sitting position her eyes wild.

then she noticed me and burst into tears.the kind of tears that made me want to grab her and make her feel like nothing would ever harm her.but she turned away from me and stuffed her face in her pillow.her racking sobs shook the bed.i tried to touch my hand to her shoulder but she shrugged it off and spent the nest of the night crying till she couldn't anymore.and then i knew she was to afraid to sleep.her breathing never slowed she still lay there alert and silent.

i watched her till the sun peeked through the window.she was afraid to dream.afraid to do something she used to always love,because of me.

***********************\Anastasia's P.O.V

i pulled myself out of the bed was almost dawn.i decided to get an early start and hurriedly dressed in the bathroom and walked back into the room. Draco was gone.last night was horrible.i couldn't stand the gut wrenching dreams anymore.i was afraid to sleep but most of all to enter that dream world again of lost lockets and skeletal hands.

i shivered at the thought and noticed for once the snow has ceased to fall outside and the sun was rising brilliantly on the landscape of the castle grounds painting the snow molten gold.i didn't seem to exist to me anymore.


the great hall was almost empty except for a few people.and in that few people was harry potter.i sat down at my table to sick to eat.harry walked over and sat beside me.he stayed silent for awhile then said."dont get mad at me but you shouldn't talk to Draco.hes dangerous.hes done things recently that would horrify you and i think hes a death eater."he said.i turned to him bristling."no more of this potter"he flinched at his last name"all you care about is Draco, Draco, you ever ask how im doing?how i feel?well if you wanna know i feel horrible.i cant sleep im having horrible dreams and i definitely dont need you AND Draco to bug me relentlessly."i snarled and stood and ran quickly out of the hall.
i hurried to potions knowing i was early when i bumped into Sam.her blue eyes looked hurt then i remembered."oh i so sorry Sam i forgot and had ummm...well i just needed to come down i'll take you to potions now"i said trying not to yell at her because my blood was racing with anger.she smiled."oh its OK but yes that would be nice if you could show me to class."she said.i led her through the long corridors as she chattered about the school and how it was so huge.i wasn't really listening my mind was focused on how Draco seemed guiltier and guiltier around me.and of harry's made my stomach clench.

"hello.... Anastasia?"i heard Sam call.i looked over at her"oh sorry im not usually like this and im being a terrible guide."i said shamely looking down.he voice grew serious not like the normal mellow happy voice she usually had."if you have anything to tell me ill it Draco?i hear that you and him are like a couple from everyone else.or is it that harry kid?he always looks at you like he wants to like eat you"she said.i burst into laughter."really harry?"i asked incredulous.she nodded.

"its not Draco...well maybe it is but its just ive been having dreams and they make me scared to sleep and i feel very tired"i said.her great blue eyes looked up at me"you have the same shocking green eyes as my brother.he died a year ago.he was only seventeen.he used to have dreams like you mentioned alot.he was kidnapped one night by the dark lord.we never seen him again till one day we found his body at our door."her voice cracked."its a power i think.the ability to see the future and find things in you brother thought it was nothing but the was amazing.i would lose something and he would know where it is.then one day he...he....told me that the dark lord was coming for him.i didn't believe him i told him it was just a dream.that night he dissapeared..."a tear ran down her cheek.

i didn't know what to do.what to this my ability.was i seeing my future.was i finding some thing that was hidden.?all the questions burst in my mind.i took a step back and bumped into someone.i umped forward and turned to find Draco.he tried to smile but failed.i felt like i was going to be sick.i clutched my stomach and ran.


i eneded up in a bathroom.the cold marble floor pressed into my knees as i sat against the stall.all the strength had left me and i was lucky i didn't faint on the spot.a headache racked my brain and i pressed my hand against my burning forehead.i seemed to have gotten sick in less than a minute.i groaned and tried to stay as still as possible so another wave of nausea wouldn't envelop me.

i felt a pressure at the back of my was as if a hand was pulling at my conscious.i was weak to fight it and i could almost feel the dark presence in my head ordering me to stand.i shook my head and whispered no."Anastasia you will do what i say"hissed the voice.i cringed."then you are not ready yet,i am your lord Anastasia remember that..."it hissed then the pressure faded and i was free.

what was that?shocked i gripped the floor till my hand was white with the pressure.i sucked in a breath and the col air stung my lungs.i heard the door open and i stiffened but was to weak to hide.footsteps echoed towards me and then Draco was beside me.he knelt next to me his face pale.a cough racked my body and when i brought my hand away it was red with blood.

horrified i tired to hide it from Draco but he grabbed my wrist turning it over."Anastasia?"he whispered shocked.then he felt my wild pulse and the fiery touch of my skin and his eyes grew round with concern."whats wrong?why haven't you told anyone?"he said worried.i rested my head on his shoulder."i dont know.i dont think in sick.its something else"i said.he answered me with silence so i said."take me to my bed please."he started to protest that i should go to the hospital wing but i forced him to listen to me."please Draco you can stay if you wont"i had a feeling this wasn't a was something else.something that chilled me to my core.

**************** Draco's p.o.v

she looked ghost pale and her eyes were to dull and feverish.her hand that was usually strong in mine was weak as i led her through the castle and she leaned on my shoulder.i could feel the firey heat from her body.when we reched her bedroom she lay down on the bed.

she was automaticaly asleep.but as i sat down on the edge of the bed i could tell she was having a nightmare.i sighed and pulled up my sleeve.the mark shone glistening black there,.i wished i could tear it off.and i knew that later tonight i would have to leave her to check on the vanishing cabinet.harry was on to me.i knew that but he doesn't know that i dont want this.i dont want any of it.

as i watched her turn and toss suddenly she sat upright.her eyes opened but they were unfocused and haunted.she climbed out of the bed completely ignoring me.her eyes straight ahead as i possessed.then it crossed my mind.maybe voldermort was controlling her through her dreams. horrified i followed after her and into the many corridors of the castle...TBC


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