The Task: A Poem of Draco's 6th Year

A poem describing my 6th year at Hogwarts

Chapter 1

The Poem

I have to do it,

or he'll kill my family.

I'm scarred,

My skin whiter than snow,

My eyes feel burning,

I hardly eat.

I hardly pick on Potter.

If I don't do this,

he'll find me,

toture my family to death,

and he will kill me.

I don't wanna do this,

but I have to.

I have to repair this...

I Draco Malfoy,

shed tears of sorrow,

in a haunted girls bathroom.

I can't look into the mirror,

but I heard a sound.

I looked into the mirror,

saw Potter looking shocked,

at my tear stain face.

Blasted Potter seeing my face.

I tried to curse Potter,

he got me.

I'm bleeding,

saw Potter looking sorry,shock,and stunned.

I heard Potter,

trying to say that,

he didn't mean to,

and sorry.


Potter wanted to try out a spell,

without knowing what it does.

Just figures with potter,

trying to do stuff without knowing what it does,

Luckily I have no scars.

I had put something into the wine,

Slughorn didn't give that to dumbledore,

and so that plan failed.

I had someone give some hogwart student,

the crused item to give to dumbledore,

and that plan failed too.

So both plans failed,

and nobody is dead.

I have finally finished, repairing it.

The day came,

dumbledore I disarmed.

Strange dumbledore looks so powerless,

and I noticed two broomsticks.

So I asked "Did someone come with you?"

So I had my wand raised,

but I couldn't do it.

So I talked,

dumbledore didn't belive me,

when I told him snape is a double anget.

Snape is out for himself.

I lowered my wand by an inch,

but then the death eaters came.

What on earth is that flithy werewolf doing here?

They egged me on,

but I felt frozen to the spot,

and I know then I could not kill,

Dumbledore was right I can not kill.

Then snape killed dumbledore,

I remember dumbledore,

saying I'm not a killer.

I thought faintly,

My chance has died with dumbledore.

After all who would belive me,

a son of a death eater.

All they would see is the mark,

would not listen on to why,

I did that,

and I would say I had to,

or the mad man would kill my family.

Maybe they would belive me,

if I'm dead as a doornail.

I faintly feel,

snape grabbing me,

and had me run.

I know snape,

would not of even tried,

but because of the vow,

snape has to,

or he'll die.

The vow snape,

made to my mother.

I faintly see,

that Potter is following,


Potter most know,

Is very ticked off,

at snape.

So snape grabbed me,

so we run faster,

and run far away.

Snape is a killer,

a cold hearted Killer.

Snape took away,

My chance,

My chance was killed.


He is out for his own skin,

like a true slytherin.

To be honest,

I can not even kill a old man,

and I don't think I could even kill Potter.

So what will become of me?

My name is Draco Malfoy,

and I'm not a killer.


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