Midnight Flying (A Draco Malfoy Love Story) Part 3

Ok next of course is MOCHA!

Full name: Mocha Lynn Crosby
Hair: Light brown, slightly curly, long
Eyes: Light brown
Skin Tone: Slightly tanned
Best Friend: Reina
Sister: Sarah Rose

Chapter 1

Midnight Flying: Almost There

Mocha was rolling around on the floor. Backwards, forwards, side to side. She looked so lazy while she was doing it.

"I'm Draco Malfoy!" She said smiling and giggling.

"Umm... Ok?" I said, suppressing laughter.

"pigfarts..." Mocha said under her breath.

Everyone burst out laughing. That's Mocha for you, she always makes you laugh.


Crap. It was tonight. Not just tonight, it was in an hour. Great.

I sighed as i got out of bed and put pillows under the covers, enchanting them to look like me.

I sighed. This could ruin my spotless school record. But I had to do it. One of my many meany soo many... cough... many dreams that i have. Lets just, I'm a dreamer and I dream big. I have many goals, and now this one was my main prioity.

I had to go through with it.
I took a deep breath and tip-toed out the door.


sry for the rly short chapter. to make it up to u the next chapter will be out tonight.

comment and it will be done sooner!!!!!!!!!!
k draco luvs u all for reading bye!


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