An Odd Love Story

Chapter 1

A New World

I squinted my eyes. A white light shined, blinding me with its brightness. As the light dimmed down I found myself in a dorm room. The bed I layed on was neat and clean compared to the other one. "Yeah, I'll be right back Yumi." The door opened. I starred face to face with a total stranger. His hair was brown. The back was cropped while the front, he had left a small bang. His shirt, pants, and jacket were each a different shade of dark green. I'm guessing that's his favourit color. He courked an eyebrow. "Why are you in my room?" I thought for a minute. I had absolutely no idea why I was here or just what exactly was that white blinding light. "I don't know." I spoke carefully. He studied my face. Then sighed. "Whats your name?" I searched my mind for an answer. Nothing. "I don't know." This time, fear leaked out of my voice. I'm in a strange place, have mo idea where I am, and I don't even know my own name. "I'm Ulrich." He said sticking out his hand. I shook it and stood up. "Your at Kadic Academy. Do you know how you got here?" I shook my head. My hand ran through my hair. It was short. Atlest shoulder length. Compared to Ulrich, I was short. I had to be atlest five feet and one inch. Ulrich grabbed my hand. "There's someone you have to talk to." I followed him as we ran.

We stopped in what I think was a gym. A girl with short black hair leaned on a pillar. Her pants were black and sweater. a boy with short blonde hair and glasses was talking to her. "Hey guys. We have a guest." All eyes turned on me. "Well who is she?" A voice said behind us. I turned around to see another blonde boy. His hair stuck up. A diamond shaped part in the front was purple. It matched the rest of his close. "She doesn't know." Ulrich said. the boy walked over to us. "Well, I'm Odd. This is Yumi." He said motioning to the japanese girl. "And thats Jeremie." I nodded my head. The boy known as Jeremie stood up. "Just where did you come from?" Ulrich spoke for me. "I found her in my room. She doesn't remember anything." "Thats odd." Muttered Jeremie.

"You should go see the princible. Tell him your new." Yumi suggested. "Thats a goos idea, but who am I gonna bunk with?" "Thats all up to the princible. If your lucky, maybe you'll get bunked with me." Odd said as he spun around in a chair. I walked next to Ulrich as he led me to the princible's office. This school had to be old. May thirty, twenty years. "Ugh. Who are you?" a snobby voice said behind me as we turned the corner. I looked back. "She's new, Sissi." Sissi? What kind of name is that? "Answer the question! And whats up with the silver hair?" I rolled my eyes. "My name is...." I trailed off looking toward Ulrich. "Kimichi. Her name is Kimichi." Sissi looked like she wasn't buying it. "Whatever. Just keep your hands off of my Ulrich." Then, she pranced off. I sighed in relief. "Is she your...." Ulrich shuddered. "No. She's not the brightest." "Doesn't seem like it." I muttered. Ulrich gave me a small smile. We knocked on the princible's door. A man with glasses and a short grey beard opened the door. "Ulrich, who is this?" The man said eyeing me. "This is Kimichi. She's new here."

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