The 10 reasons I barely talk to anyone.

This is for you people wondering why I DON'T talk to you, or respond to your messages.

Chapter 1


1) You're being to boring (Hey, Hello, Hi, etc.) WON'T DO.
2) "What's up?" is boring.
3) You called me "cute, sexy, hot," I know I'm kawaii, plus I have girlfriend.
4) You don't have a picture of yourself up; I don't talk to people who I don't know what they look like.
5) "How are you?;" Too old, think of something creative.
6) "You're a fagg." I DO NOT respond to hateful messages.
7) "Your poems are nice.", It's like, DUH. I know.
8) I just don't feel like responding, I'll hold it off, then forget about it.
9) I just DON'T like you.
10) I'm not in a good mood, and don't feel like talking to you.

So, there are the reasons I do not message you back.
If you think I'm not messaging you back for a different reason, PUT IT IN THE COMMENTS, I mean, I wont reply still... But it's just easier.


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