A Shattering scary story

ello my scary story and a little dity oh and this is summer break in the story

Chapter 1

The start of death

My name is Andrea Roux
On the 13 of October I died
I was murdered
Nobody ever Found My murderer.

It all started when I was waiting for my friend at the mall. I started getting anxious as I waited. I finally saw her running towards me crying. "Adrea" she said putting her wet face on my chest. "There after me" she said in a soft voice. "Who's after you Ashley" I said stroking her hair. "Them' she said turning her finger at three men dressed in a white uniform with a mask. I froze, I couldn't move a muscle. Soon they were right there. My heart started thumping. I screamed and pushed them off me, but they managed to get a hold of me. Nobody saw us get dragged away.........

10 or more comments if you really want chapter 2 :)

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