Love is never bad only corrupt-(a Draco Malfoy love story) part 8

ok so new chapter but ive added miss_Bieber aka kaya_bieber as samantha.shes a new character and will become one of Anastasia's closest friends....


Chapter 1

Rabbit and the wolf

the suns rays shone in dimly through the drapes. Draco's arm rested tightly around my waist.last night was unbelievable.i didn't know how and why it happened it just did.i pushed at Draco's arm till it came free from around me.his soft snores filled the room.

i got lightly off the bed and went over to the window.i noticed Draco's window overlooked the same rose garden as me the snow lay still and cold over its stunning red surface.the fogged window pane obstructed the picture in front of me.i felt a almost emptiness enter my heart.

"good morning my love"said a voice behind me.i turned to Draco.his platinum hair was messy and disheveled.i smiled whispered the word in my head softly testing if it was real.he watched my expression with sad eyes.we were so apart from each other.i still had the instinctual fear that crept into my mind when i was near him.the fear of prey near a predator.yet this rabbit was willfully letting the wolf entice it into its den for dinner.

a cold shudder ran through me at the thought of that wolf one day turning on the poor rabbit.the picture of the wolf biting down on the rabbit entered my mind.i turned back to the window and stared back into the icy world outside.


the train was pulling out of the station.the red paint glistening on its length.i wrapped my robes more tightly around me blocking out the icy chill.a girl with dark dirty blonde hair skipped up to me.her piercing blue eyes scanned mine eagerly.she smiled"hi im new here could you help me figure out the things here?"she said slowly.i stared down at her.she was slight and thin.her build was of a shorter more normal height while i was tall.
"ummm sure"i said. Draco turned from talking to goyle and strode up to me.the girls eyes widened as Draco stood next to me.the wind whipped back my hair and the girl stopped gawking at Draco and turned back to me."thanks,so...err how do we get to the castle?"she said.i turned my head to the carriages waiting nearby.

"those"i whispered.she fallowed my gaze and nodded."then lets go!"she said excitedly.i grinned to myself.she was so energetic and happy.her mood seemed to infect me. Draco wrapped his arm around my shoulder shielding the wind from me.i shrugged it off and hurried to after the blue eyed girl.i turned back to him and watched him stand there.his dark form shadowed by the trees behind him.

Draco and i were diff rent since that night.i kept him at a distance that he grudgingly accepted.he knew something was bothering me.i felt a twinge of guilt. Draco didn't deserve this but some tiny voice in my head faintly whispered maybe he does deserve it.


the great hall was silent as the new girl walked up the center aisle.her dark dirty blonde hair fell down her back and swayed with each step as she headed to the stool in front of the headmaster.she turned back to the tables and sat on the stool facing us.her eyes seemed aglow with uncertainty.i watched it silently feeling Draco's pulse through his wrist as he held my hand tight.i twisted it uncomfortably.

"ahh another new student how unusual."mused the sorting hat sitting upon the girls head."your quite interesting girl.very sly.very proud.pure blood and proud of it.your soul is quite energetic but you have a very sinister side"it said.i hoped the girl would be in slytherin so that we could be friends.the sorting hat straightened on her head and yelled"slytherin"my table hooted and cheered as the girl stood from th stool and ran down to our table.

"nice"i said as she sat down next to me.she stared past me at draco."whats his problem?"she asked.i turned to Draco.he was glaring at harry across the room. his hand clenched around mine and i jumped"ouch"i whispered puling my hand away and rubbing it.he looked at me confused then slowly noticed what he had done."im sorry"he whispered looking down."you better be"i growled and rose from the table.dinner wasn't over but i needed some space.

the blue eyed girl looked up at me."you want to come see where you'll be living?"i said.she nodded and stood to follow me.i didn't even give Draco a backward glance.


she stared wide eyed at the empty bedroom that she was going to be was a twin of my own and i watched her go over to the bed and bounce down on it."my names Samantha or you can call me Sam"she said staring up at the canopy that lay over her bed.i smiled."im Anastasia"i whispered.she peered back at me."hey isn't that a princess of Russias name?"she asked.i nodded "yes of the muggle world"i said.

she glanced towards the window."is it nice here?"she asked curiously.i walked over to the window and traced its frame."it is but not all the people are"i whispered.she didn't answer so i turned back to the door and turned around before walking out."if you need anything me or my friend Tatiana will be happy to help you"i said and left.


i was sleeping restlessly and my dreams were confusing and haunted.a pale skeletal hand kept reaching into my mind almost tugging at my dream.i tossed and turned on the bed.then i jumped up with a start as the vision of snakelike eyes faded from my mind.a shuffle and the dark shadow of something moving in the room startled mye fully awake.the darkness seemed to envelope me and scared i fumbled for my hand brushed something warm in the darkness and i bit back a yelp.

i pushed myself against the backboard of the bed and wrapped my arms around my knees.the light seemed to be leached from my eyes and in the distance a wolf howled.a hand wrapped over my mouth and i bit it."ouch!" said a familiar was Draco.

"Draco get out"i said quietly."you'll wake Tatiana up"i could almost feel him smirk in the darkness.i felt him wrap his arm around my waist puling me to his side.i hadn't been this close to him since that night.i shivered as the cold air hit my side of the body where the blanket was pulled away.

"im sorry for whatever ive done to make you mad'he whispered in my ear.i tried to pull away from him but he held me tight.his hand slipped down my thigh on accident an i jumped."whats wrong with you.i haven't hurt you have i?or was it that you dont want to touch me"he mumbled to himself.i stroked his cheek in the darkness."no its just iv been feeling jumpy and unusual dreams they've been weird."well it was partly true i thought to myself.

"how?"he whispered.i swallowed.he wasn't going to like this."they involve you and my always kill me then this locket shows up and then a skeletal like hand reaches for it.then the last thing i see is snakelike eyes."i said.he stiffened around me.the hard lines of his muscles pushing into my side as his arm pulled me tighter against him as if i would float away and he would never see me again.

a light peeped under the crack in the door and i cursed as the door slowly opened my heart pounding. Draco tried to throw the blanket over himself but it was to late. Sam walked in the end of her wand threw light on my bed and when she saw Draco she stuttered embarrassed."oh..ummm...sorry i was coming..."she trailed off and swallowed nervously.

i jumped away from Draco and he glared at Sam annoyed."oh its ok he just came"i didn't know what to say.she looked away trying to look anywhere but at us."its ok you dont have to tell me and she left.i sucked in a huge breath."Draco your gonna pay"i whispered into the darkness. Tatiana's voice rose from above us."pay for what?"she said groggily."s/h/i/t"i growled and glared at Draco....TBC


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