Hunger Games? Oh no!

well i hope you guys like it. me and CuPpYcAkE are bout to make a hunger games love story (=

Chapter 1

Zaria meets the baker boy

by: Meecie
Name: Zaria Rinel
Hair: long white and like to be worn in braids
Eyes: bright blue
Age: 16 about to be 17
Siblings: little brother(12)
Parents: Mom died during mine explosion, dad full time job

Im going to tell you a bit about me. I know how to hunt even though its illegal here in district 12. My bestfriend, Katniss hunts with me. We both have to raise our siblings which really sucks. Everyone i know calls me gorgeous but i dont have many friends. My family is rich thanks to my dad but hes never around. What i really wanna do is get a boyfriend and get married next year so i can adopt my little brother. Everyone already thinks hes my son so it would make sense. Today i have to go to the bakery. its the first time i have been there since normally Katniss gives us bread when she gets some otherwise we dont have it very often. Its my birthday tomorrow so my dad said to get bread and pick up my cake. Everyone knows me even though i dont know them so everyone says hi. In two days is the start of the hunger games. i just hope my brother doesnt get picked since this is his first year. once i get to the bakery, i walk up to he counter. "hello," says the bakers wife. She really isnt to pleasent of a woman but the baker is really nice. i dont see why he married her. "hello, i say, " i am here to pick up 4 loaves of bread and a birthday cake my dad ordered." "oh yes of course Zaria. My son Peeta will bring out the cake when hes done decorating it and your bread will be write up. he should be done soon." "ok thank you" i tell her. Hmm i didnt know they had a son. i wonder how old he is. Peeta. interesting name.
(sorry my part isnt long but i promise i will write more next time (= CuPpYcAkEs will write the next chapter. hope you guys will enjoy it.) (=

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