A Long Time Ago [Zuko Love Story]

A Long Time Ago [Zuko Love Story]

Hello :)
I've become very addicted to the TV show "Avatar" lately but since I've finished watching all the episodes, I've decided to make a fan story.
If you do not like the following story, please comment below saying what I should change and what is way too fake-ish. (Would never happen in the series)
Enjoy? ;\ fack Katara :C

Chapter 1

New Beginnings [Introduction]

I crept in the greens of the bushes a several feet away from Zuko, watching him talk foolishly to the frog. As I listened to his conversation, I realized that Zuko was planning to be the Avatar's new Firebending teacher. My eyes widened at the thought of him teaching his worst enemy. I then used my Airbending skills and zoomed off to the trees without a sound.


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